Clive grabbed his hair and looked directly at his mother. He felt ridiculous wearing this striped top and short shorts on top of everything else.

“Mom, I’m assuming that there is an upside to all this?” he inquired, using his left hand to pull down his striped top.

His mom Laura just laughed. “I’ve always wanted a daughter instead of a son, you know that sweetie. And you pissed me off sufficiently this week to take action,” she said, still laughing. “What else do you want? The upside is that you can now give birth, so do be careful, my girl.”

“Wait, but I am…” Clive began, still clinging to his hair. “I’m…Momma, I’ma, I’m starting to bleed from you know where!” he pleaded, but Momma simply smiled.

“Then welcome to womanhood, my daughter!” Laura said, savoring this moment. “Sweat between those boobs and your pussy all you want, ‘cuz they are all yours. Now come over here and let me show you how to use a maxi, daughter dear.”


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