Upload 9

I’ve been a girl for god knows how long. My sister had changed my body so much for the different pictures my mom has been taking for her “clients”. It’s been so useless to fight back at this point. I still hope that I can be a guy and I still call myself Charlie, even though my mom and sister insist on calling me Charlotte. Despite these tits, I still think I’m a guy inside. I was sitting in my room when I heard my sister call me downstairs.

“Charlotte, we have another project for you!” I sighed and put my game down.

“Do we need to do it right now?” I asked back to her?

“Yes, now get your girly ass down here!” I went out of my room and went downstairs. “Lets head to the studio!” We both went down to my moms studio where my mom was sitting at her desk looking at some notes. She didn’t look up but pointed me towards a new box. I went over and opened it. Of course it would be something like this. It was a tiny white tank top with a red plaid mini skirt. For shoes there were some black heels.

“Really mom?” I said, looking at the clothes in disgust.

“Yes Charlotte, now get changed young lady.” I took off my clothes and slipped the tank top on. It didn’t seem to fit too well. I then slipped the skirt up, which also felt off. I put on the heels which felt a size to small for me.

“Mom, these clothes kind of feel a bit weird.” I said, fidgeting around.

“That’s because we haven’t changed your body yet. Our client wants someone a bit younger and thinner.” She said, still not looking up.

“Younger? But I’m 21.” I said to her.

“Yes you are Charlotte, for now. Well, get ready to become a teenager again!” My mind started to race again. My body has been changed, but never my age. I saw my sister move closer to me. She put both her hands up and closed her eyes. A yellow mist surrounded my body. I lost an inch or so in height, even with the heels on my feet. The heels now fit much better by the way. I felt my waist curve in even father and my hips flare out some more. I then felt a tightness in my ass as it became a bit smaller but more pronounced. I looked in the mirror and saw that the heels pushed my ass out. My top then began to constrict around my chest, really tightening and becoming shorter, leaving my stomach exposed. It hugged my breasts well. Glasses then appeared on my head yet again. I felt the changes stop. I hesitantly looked in the mirror. Looking back was a girl who couldn’t have been older than 18. She, or I guess I looked a bit like a stripper. I was so hot. I turned to my mom.

“Mom, how old did you make me!” I yelled at her.

“You are now a sexy 18 year old, Charlotte!” My mom said finally getting up and walking towards me. “And my god look how good you look. I didn’t think it was possible but your breasts look even better. They are so perky! Everything about you right now oozes femininity.” I started posing for my mom, but she looked unhappy. “Try and look happy and excited Charlotte.” I tried but apparently it wasn’t working. She asked my sister for help, which I didn’t like the sound of. She put her hand to my head again and my mind went fuzzy. When the tingles stopped I felt natural again. I actually felt excited! I love all these cameras pointed at me!

“Yes,Charlotte! Like that!” I started posing this way and that, sticking my chest out, sticking my ass out. I gave my mom many nice shots. I hope this continues for a long time!


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