Upload 8

Because the outfits I can wear are that much more skimpy and revealing, posting pictures online has become way more embarrassing. Sometimes, all of my breasts are covered and that’s kind of okay, but also there are other times when you can see almost everything. It feels so embarrassing to have to do this. It’s been a week since my last photo shoot with mom, and luckily I haven’t had to leave the house recently to do anything. Sadly, my mom just called me and that’s never good.

“Charlotte, come here for a second darling.” I slowly walked into the kitchen where she called from.

“Yes mom,” I said with no enthusiasm.

“Well, I have some good news!” She said with a huge grin. If it’s good news for her it’s not for me. “I sent in some of your pictures to some people I know.” This can’t be any good news for me. “They loved it. They loved your body, your curves, your breasts, everything about you.” I stared at her in disbelief.

“You did what!?” I yelled towards her.

“Quiet, Charlotte. I sent in some pictures to some people, and they liked you as a model. In fact, one already has sent in a custom request. It pays really, really well.” My mind stopped. Other people apparently love my female persona so much they want more of it. They don’t see me as a guy at all, not with these things protruding from my chest like this.

“Mom, please, it’s embarrassing enough to post pictures online, but I don’t know if I can do this.” I said to her.

“Of course you can Charlotte. You have the body built to be a model after all. Now follow me.” I followed her back into the studio. She pointed me to a table that had some clothing on it, if you could call it clothing. “Our client has a certain interest, so this is your outfit for today!”

I looked at the table and immediately knew this would be bad. It had a black bikini connected to what looked like a belt, with a few smaller belts next to it. Then for the bottom it contained a ridiculously tiny black piece underwear.

“Mom, you can’t be serious.” I said, looking from the clothes to her. “There is no way I’m wearing that.”

“Oh Charlotte, I don’t see why you still argue with me. You’re going to do it.” I could see in her eyes she wasn’t messing around. I had to do this. I picked up the clothes and hesitated. I don’t even know how to put this stuff on. “It looks like you need some help Charlotte. That’s not a problem.” She called my sister into the studio again. She pointed her hand towards me and my mind went fuzzy for a second. When it cleared, I suddenly knew how all of this went on. I undressed and started to put on the new equipment. When I was done, I felt so exposed and humiliated. This felt like something slaves do in BDSM, which might not be too far off from what the guy wants. My sister looked at me.

“You know Charlotte, I’m kind of jealous of your chest. Your boobs are so nice, and they look especially nice in that black bikini.” I frowned and looked away. My mom told me to get ready for the shoot. I sighed and regretfully got into position. My sister let out a gasp and whispered something to my mom. My mom smiled and nodded her head. She came over to me and pointed her finger at my top. When she did that, the strap of my bikini broke and my breasts fell out of it. I quickly took the straps and pulled them back to hide my breasts, but by the time I did that my mom was well into taking a bunch of pictures.

This photo session had to have lasted well over two hours of me posing, trying to keep my breasts in my bikini. This gets worse by the day.


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