Unusual fairy tale

Daniel was on his way home when he saw a little girl crying in the park.
Because no one else was to be seen, he walked up to her and asked what is going on.
She said tearfully that her two brothers laughed at her because she believes in fairies

Then Daniel replied: Do not worry about it but what the two say, I also believe that there are fairies I’ve even seen them.

Little girls with a small smile on his face: Really?

Daniel sarcastically: Yes really I wish I could show you one, but unfortunately show fairies only when it is dark and you wants it very much.

The little girl didn’t heard the sarcastic tone. Said thank you and ran home quickly.

Daniel also went his way further when suddenly something bright like a butterfly coming towards him.

Poof made it and suddenly there was a beautiful woman with small wings in a white dress standing in front of him.

She was so beautiful, that Daniel was embarrassed that he leans his head to one side and his mouth was open and he was speechless.

She began to giggle and said in a playful tone: I heard you talking to the little girl and I found that kind of cute so I fill you your wish.

Daniel was still standing almost motionless with his hands attempted to hide the emotion in his pants without realizing what she said to him.

As the fairy started blowing him with magic dust. Daniel could feel the dust so felt as if he accumulates in certain places some of it away sands and elsewhere. He was just like a fairy began to blow.

The fairy now said something in a foreign language.
And Daniel thought that around him everything is bigger until he noticed that he was very small.
Still motionless, he stammered: WW … what happened?
The fairy said, I’m going to fill your desire for it. Anyway, I’m Lillie.
Daniel: MM … my wash? WWA … what’s wrong with my voice?
Lillie: Yes your desire that you can show a fairy to the girl and because you have told her that if she wants it tonight a fairy willappear. We should begin with your training.
Daniel: My training?
Lillie: Yes your training or do you wand to palm yourself tonight?
Daniel: Errr …
Lillie: If you have not noticed that you’re a fairy and lesson one you shouldn’t pull up your dress and play around on your underwear.
Daniel: A fairy I can not be a fairy. Disbelief, he began to grope himself
Lillie: You have no choice. Now that you’re a fairy and will remain there forever. Find yourself from it and stop to grope yourself
Daniel: But …. But ….
Lillie: No let us beginn with the training. I think I start calling you Denise.

Reluctantly Denise starts with the training and learned everything she need to know as a fairy.
And who is she not died then she still lives today.


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