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Doing the Dishes Was Never More Fun

Jack hated doing the dishes, especially when he got in one of his lazy moods. One day outside the kitchen window, a strange fairy passed by, and as Jack had the window open, she spoke directly to him. Read more

Baseball Switch

The game was just about to start and a sullen Jake sat in front of his TV and cursed the fact that he didn´t get any tickets to the game. Read more

The two sides of the wishing coin

When my roommate Jonathan and I returned to our room from the campus, we were puzzled to find a wet golden coin on our carpet floor. It wasn’t there when we left the room. Neither of us has seen it before. We wondered how much it was going to worth. I reluctantly picked the coin up to stash it somewhere safe and to clean the soaked carpet. Suddenly, a fairy popped out from the coin. Read more

A Change… SEXtuplets

Paul Tuplet and his five brothers wished they could have a change, get sex, as the tuplets thought they should. They had went hiking and discovered a fairy by a hot spring, allowing the six of them one wish. That was their wish, and the fairy not understanding English all that well, knowing more ancient Elvish than anything, interpreted the best she could. She interpreted “sex change tuplets making them sex changed and sextuplets who craved sex, all identical of each other!” Read more

Tricky magic

When making wishes with djinn it is important to remember that they aren’t always working in your best interests. Take Jeff here as an example, when he originally found the the lair of the djinn he didn’t expect it to be real. He believed this to just be some elaborate prank put on by some random internet group. This changed after he had wished to be like the djinn but free. With a simple flick of the wrist and a puff of blue smoke he soon discovered he was looking at the djinn from a much smaller perspective.
After a quick realization that the djinn had turned him into a fairy Jeff flew right into the djinn’s face and demanded that he change him back. The djinn openly chuckled proclaiming that djinns magic has no effect on a fairy. Furious at the situation Jeff soon attempted to attack the djinn and in the process sent the djinn fleeing from the cave.
After a the wave of anger had subsided in him he attempted to collect him self as he leaned up against the side of the last house he had seen the djinn at. Looking down he noticed that the djinn had been vary generous with his new or well her new proportions. It didn’t take her long to figure out that nobody else could see her unless she wanted them to. Quickly thinking on the spot she attempted to transform her self back to no avail. She erupted into tears as she arrived at her old home to see her girlfriend was sitting next to what looked like his old body.
After what felt like hours in his new smaller form she decided that maybe this was an opportunity for a more interesting life. She decided that she would now spend her time trying to actually improve peoples lives rather than tricking them, unfortunately magic never would work like that for her but that’s a story for another time.

X-Diaries Schlampen

“Andre, ich schwöre dir. Wenn mich dieser Zauber nicht daran hindern würde, dann würde ich dich killen.” sagte Dominik, der jetzt ein blondes Mädchen war.
Andre war mit seinen Kumpels Dominik und Sebastian im Urlaub in Spanien. Read more

Unusual fairy tale

Daniel was on his way home when he saw a little girl crying in the park.
Because no one else was to be seen, he walked up to her and asked what is going on.
She said tearfully that her two brothers laughed at her because she believes in fairies Read more