The More Things Change

Beth was tired of being the bitch. Tired of waiting on Adam hand and foot, of serving his sexual needs whenever he demanded them. She didn’t want to serve as his blowjob alarm clock. Or have to dress up as a french maid, cleaning the house until he decided to take her roughly wherever she was, usually with no foreplay. Sure, the sex was hot, but the rest of the time she just felt demeaned and used.

It seemed foolproof. Just cast the spell, and then she would be the man, and Adam would be her girl, her bitch. She was looking forward to it so much. And the expression on his face when he shrank, when she grew… it was amazing. But there’s just one thing…

What the hell went wrong?

“Mmm, that’s a good girl. Get that tongue in there, show some enthusiasm. This could be the day I let you out of your cage if you try hard enough. Just imagine, you might actually get to cum as a guy when I peg you tonight! Wouldn’t that so nice of me?”


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