At a secret location hidden underneath the city of London an agent was preparing for the ultimate undercover mission. His name was John Smith and he was a pretty average agent really, picked out of the police squad for this certain mission. He’d been chosen to carry out a mission of minor importance to the agency, but still of importance to the prime ministers campaign. The rest of the squad that usually carried out this sort of mission being busy attending to much more oppressing matters, which meant that john was chosen to fill in.
John lay down in a pod as one man inserted needles into his body and a man John knew reasonably well, Graham, briefed him on how the process would work. “So when I press the button, your vision will go black and you’ll feel tingle all over your body, this will last for approximately ten seconds, there’s no need to panic this is normal. Then when your vision and feeling returns quickly close your eyes for ten seconds so that your senses can adjust, after that you can open your eyes and you will be in a completely different place. After that we will contact you. You got that John?” John just nodded trying to take in the information but overwhelmed by the situation. Seeing John nod the Graham stepped back and a lid slowly lowered itself over John.
“Good look agent” Said the man. And then everything went black and a tingle ten times worse than pins and needles spread over what felt like all of John’s body. Then suddenly the pain stopped and John could see again. John quickly closed his eyes and began counting to ten. As he counted he could feel his senses coming back to him. He felt a cool breeze stroke through what seemed to be long hair atop his head. He could hear the sound of people talking and some children playing in the distance. When the ten seconds was up and he finally opened his eyes. The sight of a park greeted him. He did a full loop trying to figure out where he was. He didn’t have a clue, but what he did find was a very heavy weight on his chest threatening to pull him over. He looked down to see two large mounds covered by a tight suit shirt. His hands darted up grabbing the two mounds. He then raised his hands in front of his face, noting the femininity to them. He dropped them to his side and began scanning the area for anywhere which might have a reflecting. Spotting a car parked by the side of a road he began running towards it. The weight of the two breasts that now hung from his chest making it much more difficult than he was use to. He finally made it to the car, all be it now sweating and panting profusely. He looked in the car window at the reflection that stared back at him. The face that he saw in the reflection was a female face, maybe in her mid thirties. The lady had pretty average features which had a slightly mean yet innocent demeanor to them. John stepped in closer to the car, close enough that his breath was fogging up the window. He stared mesmerized by his reflection. A hand reached up stroking at the smooth skin which was clearly well cared for. While his other hand brushed through his blonde shoulder length hair. He stared into the eyes of his reflection when suddenly there was a vibration in his pocket. He stepped back surprised, pulling the phone out of the suit trousers he now wore. He turned it on, seeing it had a text from an unknown number. He clicked on it. “I suspect this is you John” it read. John responded finding it difficult to type with his new longer nails. “This is he”.
“Good. This is your mission” A text came through instantaneously, along with an attachment. John clicked the attachment and a video began to play. “As you can probably tell you are not yourself at the moment. You currently possess the body of one Susan Capel, She is the head of the Economics department at the Saint Grahams school” The video said as pictures of his current form appeared on the screen “She’s 5 ft 7 in” An image of her profile came up along with all of her measurements.” And she has 36G cups” John looked down at the two breasts. “Yes I knew you’d like that John” The video continued “Anyway you will be replacing her for the time being, you’re mission is to infiltrate the school and find out the identity of a major player in the cocaine market. We have reason to believe that the dealer is one of the schools pupils. We want you to find this person and gather enough evidence for us to put them away for a long time. We suggest starting here.” The video continued, a picture of a teenage boy popping up, “This is Tim Bradley, a person with a not too clean record, he keeps a low profile at school but Miss Capel here is lucky enough to share three classes with him so she’s teaching him a lot of the week. We have reason to believe that he is involved. Investigate and find out more.” The video went black “And remember John. This is a silent mission, no one must know of your presence. Take as much time as you need to fulfill your assignment, but remember Keep your current form safe and out of harms way. Good luck John” The video stopped and the phone went back to the text screen. He placed it back in his pockets and focused his attention back on his reflection. “Well Susan it looks like we’re gonna be doing some crime busting” He said to her reflection which stared back at him. The phone suddenly buzzed again. John pulled it out of his pocket, this time an address appeared. “12 Hillway” He said to himself, copying the address into Google maps before then setting of quickly towards what he assumed was his new home.

“Note to self. You need to work out” John wrote in Susan’s notes on her phone as he finally arrived at her house after the two mile trek. Susan’s body was now dripping with sweat and John was completely out of breath. “Maybe I should have walked a bit slower” He said as he looked up at the house which he was going to be living in. It was a two floor terrace which looked reasonably modern. He approached the door, opening it before entering. The house he entered was well kept and modern. He explored it for a few minutes before he found the master bedroom. He ran in jumping on the bed like he was at a new hotel. He felt Susan’s cushiony breasts and slightly pudgy stomach when he landed. As he lay there he noticed a full length mirror in the corner of the bedroom. “Maybe time for a bit of exploration” He said to himself, a mischievous smile spreading across his new face as he stood up in front of the mirror.

He analyzed his reflection in the mirror, turning front ways and sideways. “Susan you certainly are very curvy” He said to his reflection running his hands up and down his sides. His hands then crept up to grab at the two globes. He felt the cotton of Susan’s suit shirt brushing against her skin as he did. It gave him goosebumps, giving off an arousing tingle. John’s body became even more turned on, and he could tell, Susan’s nipples were poking proudly through her suit shirt. “Wow” He said as he leaned in closer to get a better look. He lifted up his hands and began pinching and pulling at nubs through the business suit. “You’ve got some big nipples Susan haven’t you?” He exclaimed condescendingly smiling. “I suppose we can have a look” He then said as he quickly threw off the suit jacket before starting to undo the buttons of the shirt. Once he popped the last button out he slipped the shirt straight off discarding it on the spotless floor. He then turned his attention back to the mirror. “Wow. They are huge” He said marvelling at the size of Susan’s breasts, the breasts that now sat atop his chest encased in only a lacy white bra which hugged the two plaint masses snugly. John reached up grabbing each huge mountain of flesh. He felt a jolt of pleasure as his hands made contact. This time he looked downwards seeing the two huge mounds reaching inches away from his body, a dark chasm of cleavage between them. “Blooming heck, I can’t even see the ground” he said laughing to himself. He reached up cupping the bra clad breasts causing a large expansion of creamy flesh to spill out over the tops of the cups. “Right, this needs to come off” He said as his hands reached up towards his back. He was interrupted however by the ringing of the home phone. “Oo. Saved by the bell” He said. “I’ll be back” He said pointing to his reflection before heading off towards the phone.

Picking it up he answered. “Hello, Susan speaking”
“Hello Susan” He heard a croaky voice from the other end. “It’s your mother. Are you in? I’m coming over” The person, clearly Susan’s mom, said.
“Mom, I’m slightly busy” John replied down the phone, not wanting to be disturbed.
“I’m coming over, I’m in the neighbourhood and I haven’t seen you in a long time” Susan’s mom responded.
“I’m sorry but I’m really busy” John demanded down the phone.
“Well I’m sorry but I’m already here” She said before John suddenly heard the doorbell ring. John grunted “Old hag” before hanging up the phone and heading to the door to let the women in. As he opened it the women outside came barging in.
“Put a top on young lady” She said as she shoved passed John and into the kitchen, turning on the kettle, “Maybe if you showed those breasts to more men instead of me you might have a husband by now” The women then said completely seriously.
“Haha. Think I’m a bit fat for that” he said grabbing at the slight belly that Susan had amassed from school dinners and stress binge eating over the years. He then followed his now Mom into the kitchen sitting down at one of the counter chairs. Susan’s Mom finished making two coffee’s before turning around and handing one to John.
“Well are you gonna put a top on” She asked demandingly.
“Oh yeah” He said setting off running to Susan’s room to get a top, running passed the mirror as he did, “Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you” He said to his reflection.
He re-entered the kitchen now wearing a green t-shirt. “Better?” He asked.
“Yes” His ‘mom’ replied now sitting at the counter reading a magazine. “I can’t stay long. I’ve got to meet your Father at the estate” She exclaimed “I wish you’d talk to him. He only wants to help you” She continued. John didn’t really know what to respond, not knowing what the situation was between Susan and her father.
“Um… No” He said, thinking that the best thing to say.
“To much pride” John’s ‘mom’ moaned at him. “Well. How’s work? Your brother just got a big promotion. Him, Julie and the kids are moving up to Manchester for it.” She said, taking a sip from her coffee. “Why can’t you be more like him, he’s done so well for himself. While your stuck in your dead end job” She continued berating the person who’s body John now occupied
“Hey. Mom” John started, now knowing why Susan rarely saw her mother. “For all you know I could be a secret agent in disguise who goes around solving crime and busting huge drug deals” John said smiling at the irony. His ‘mom’ wasn’t best pleased.
“Yeah that’s the attitude which has gotten you to where you are today.” she said “Anyway I just came round to tell you that it’s your cousin Alfred’s wedding next Friday which you are invited to. And just because your fathers going to be there doesn’t mean you shouldn’t come” She continued. John thought about it for a few seconds contemplating his options.
“I’ll be there” He then said, deciding he had no problem himself with Susan’s dad, and never being one to pass up a party.
“Really?” Susan’s mom said shocked, leaning in close for a hug. “Oh that’s wonderful, everyone will be happy to see you” She said then chugging the rest of her coffee and standing up. “Anyway, I better get going. Don’t want to keep your dad waiting” She told John as she then headed for the door. “I’ll see you next Friday” She said before swinging the door shut behind her.
“What the heck was that” John said to himself, “She needs to cut down on the caffeine. Bloody hell” he said moving over to the window just in time to catch his ‘mom’ speeding off out of sight.
“Anyway. Back to where we left off” He said as he headed towards Susan’s bedroom taking the top that he had donned off as he did.
“Why hello again” John said as he spotted the reflection of Susan in the mirror. “Time for the grand unavailing” He said bringing his hands up and unclasping the bra letting it drop unceremoniously to the floor. The two mountains of flesh came bouncing out. John gulped when he saw the sight in front of him. The last pair of boobs he’d seen were his wife’s and they were nothing like the glorious breasts that swung before him. “Wow” He uttered, completely gob smacked. John stood for a good few minutes just staring at the two breasts that hung in front of him. They were full and round, yet so big in size. They sagged ever so slightly but that was expected with how big these things were. A thick brown nipple sat in the centre of them, maybe an inch in thickness protruding about an inch from Susan’s chest. Around them was her brown areola which was about as thick as a teacup however looking rather small in relation to the size of her breasts. John couldn’t help but stare at the creamy flesh as they just hung. A smile spread across his face as he broke out of his trance. “Susan, these are huge” He said matter of factly. “How do they not distract you” He said as he began bouncing up and down, Susan’s breasts bouncing manically around as he watched his reflection do the same. He stopped his bouncing quickly lifting Susan’s tits and stepping closer to the mirror to get a better look at her nipples. “They are huge” He said exasperated leaning over the counter. He released his right breasts bringing his right hand up instead to stroke his left nipple. His knees buckled from underneath him. Catching himself he let his breath out, his nipple still tingling from the stimulation. “Who knew these things were so sensitive, I better sit down” He said before making his way over to the bed. He sat down on the soft surface feeling the extra padding he had due to Susan’s large ass. He then began his exploration again, this time however he pinched the nipple on each side, gasping as he did, he pulled it away from his body, his whole breast following it forming a cone shape that stretched probably a foot away from his body. He let it go, the whole breast sprang back, bouncing a couple of times before resting again. “I wonder” He then said to himself mischievously before grabbing his left breast and hoisting it upwards bringing the nipple up to his mouth. He grabbed the rubbery nipple between his teeth before he began sucking away on it. He did this for a couple of minutes. His free hand eventually creeping up to play with Susan’s other breasts and John ended up in an all out masturbation session. This eventually came to a stop when John’s body began to spasm, his muscles clenched and his hips bucked, he felt a tingle spread throughout his whole body as he exploded inside. He let out an uncontrollable scream in Susan’s voice. He had just experienced his first ever female orgasm and just from Susan’s tits. He lay there basking in the afterglow for a couple of minutes before he lifted his head to look at himself in the mirror. There he saw Susan Capel, hair all messed up, sweat dripping from her forehead. She looked sultry, not at all like she did in the mission briefing or when he first took control of her body. John smiled wickedly.

Quickly he tried to stand up, “Whoa” he fell back down onto the bed, still dizzy after his orgasm, “Wasn’t ready for that” he said smiling again. This time he got up slower, as he rose he could feel a wetness in his crotch rubbing between his legs. It made him feel uncomfortable. After getting back to his feet he smiled seeing his reflection, he would never get enough of it. He leaned downward to pull Susan’s trousers off of her legs and felt the weight of her breasts tugging him down. “I don’t think I’ll be getting used to that any time soon” He smiled to himself as he undid her belt discarding it on the floor before proceeding to do a little shimmy in order for her trousers to fall down fully, before kicking them to a side. He watched Susan’s breasts jiggling in the mirror as he did, “They’re like jello” he exclaimed laughing. Now he stood in just Susan’s panties looking at her divine body. It was most definitely an hourglass figure. Her hips were wide, and her thigh’s were smooth and thick. John turned around to check out his ass giving it a spank as he did, watching it jiggle sexily, leaving a slight red mark where his hand had made contact. He then bent over, his breasts once again pulling him downwards, before grabbing hold of Susan’s panties and sliding them down her smooth sexy legs. With Susan’s panties off he now stood completely naked.

He stared at where Susan’s privates would be apart from it was covered by a large dark bush of hair, which looked extremely unkempt. As Susan’s mom had told him, Susan was clearly getting no action and therefore had no one to keep it neat for. “Uh that’s disgusting” he said looking at the wet dirty hair which guarded his Susan’s vagina. “I’m going to have to do something about that” He said as headed towards the bathroom. Entering it he looked around a razor. “Jackpot” He said grabbing it from a shelf at the side of the bath. Looking down he noticed his view was completely obstructed by Susan’s huge breasts, so he made his way back over to the full length mirror. “Much better” He said looking in the full mirror at Susan’s pubic region. Turning on the razor he then proceeded to spend the better half of 5 minutes shaving the mighty bush away.

“Done” He exclaimed looking at Susan’s now completely clean shaven vagina, “I’m quite pleased with that” He said. Susan’s folds were now clearly visible as John bucked his hips to give himself a better view. “Now I can actually see her vagina”. He said, reaching down and stroking his hand across the smooth skin “Erh now I’m all itchy. Defo need a shower now” He said. He lifted one of his arms up and leaned in to smell his arm pit, “Fuah. Yes I need a shower” He then confirmed as he made his way back to the bathroom, heading straight to the shower.

John set the tap running and stepped into the flowing water. He then proceeded to clean himself off, making sure not to get his hair wet, he couldn’t be arsed drying it off later. He cleaned Susan’s pits, her face, her tits.. “Oh that feels good” he moaned as his hand brushed across her large sensitive nipple. His hands began to play with the plaint flesh for a couple of minutes before he went to clean her vagina of all the itchy hair that was left after his shave. He cleaned away at Susan’s vagina enjoying the sensation as he did. He brushed against her flaps sending a tingle throughout his body. He just couldn’t resist and he finally took two fingers and quickly pushed them inside Susan’s vagina. He gasped as Susan’s hot, wet vaginal muscles contracted tightly around his fingers. He quickly began pumping his fingers in and out, an intense pleasure welcoming him with each thrust. Then after just a couple of seconds an incredible wave of pleasure shook his whole body, his muscles clenched as he now sat in the shower experiencing his second orgasm moaning loudly as he did. He sat for minutes watching water drip onto his breasts before sliding down the pendulous peaks. He was loving the afterglow. He didn’t want to move, he didn’t want to lose the feeling that he currently had. But he had to move at some point. He slowly rose, making sure that he wasn’t dizzy, as not to slip and hurt himself. After fully recovering from his orgasm he turned the tap off and stepped out of the shower and back into the cool air of the bathroom.

John smiled mischievously when he saw Susan’s reflection staring back at him. He quickly dried himself off, heading then back to Susan’s bedroom. Dropping down onto the bed and falling asleep, his two masturbation sessions clearly tiring him out.

When John awoke it was eight o’clock on Saturday morning. “Wow, I slept for ten hours” He said to himself as he sat up. He smiled when he saw Susan’s reflection staring back at him in the mirror. “What to do today then?” He asked himself, thinking for a few minutes. “Well I guess if I’m gonna be in here for a while I could do with some extra things to keep myself occupied. There’s nothing about that in the contract” He said referring to playing Xbox, which was one of John’s past times. Getting up he headed towards Susan’s wardrobe surprised when he opened it to not find many items of clothing. Apart from an abundance of business suits there was hardly anything else. John managed to pull out a set of underwear, a white t-shirt and a tight fitting pair of jeans, all of which he quickly donned. Admiring Susan’s reflection in the mirror, deciding to pass on even attempting to do her make-up for the time being. Heading to the kitchen instead to grab a bowl of weetabix. After finishing his cereal he grabbed Susan’s purse and car key’s, shrugging, “Well its my car now” He giggled to himself before making his way to Susan’s Fiat 500 and quickly setting off.

Finally at the mall he exited Susan’s car and headed towards the entrance, his hips swayed and his ass and chest both jiggled as he did so. Entering the mall he saw the first shop he wanted to go to, GameStop.

To say he felt out of place was an understatement. Among the young children and spotty teens looking at the video games a big busted middle age women stuck out like a saw thumb, but John didn’t care. A pleased smile spread across John’s face as he looked at the many games filling the shelves, he could have any of them, heck he could have all of them if he wanted. He began to pick a few games off the shelf, call of duty, Battlefields and grand theft auto before then picking up an Xbox One and planting it in his basket. He then approached the counter. “That will be five-hundred and eighty-eight pounds please” said the teenage boy on the till after scanning through all of John’s items. John could see the boy taking sly glances at his chest but he didn’t care. He just smiled mischievously handing the boy Susan’s credit card which the boy scanned through and handed back to him all the while smiling nervously at John. “Thank you” John said grabbing his bags, feeling the eyes of the boy who served him burn into his backside as he sashayed out of the store. Andrew didn’t care as he walked confidently away, impersonating Susan like that and using her credit card to buy things for himself was turning him on. He could feel a slight moistness between his legs as he sauntered over towards the next shop.

“Best buy an outfit for the wedding next week” John said as he entering one of the many woman’s clothing store. He spent the next 15 minutes browsing the items of clothing around the store looking for something sexy for Susan to wear. He was weirdly enjoying himself, any other time when he’d been dragged into a clothing store by his wife, he’d been bored out of his head but now, now he was having a ball of a time. “I best go try these on” he said to himself.

“Why hello again” He said as he entered one of the changing rooms greeted by Susan’s reflection in the mirror. He propped his bags down against the wall hanging the clothes up on some pegs before turning again to his reflection. He smiled at it, becoming very use to the sight of his Susan’s curvy body staring back at him. He felt so powerful masquerading about as her. He grabbed the hem of his shirt quickly pulling it over his head before the bra followed, being discarded on the floor, revealing Susan’s large pale breasts which hung like teardrops from her chest. He leaned forward pulling his jeans down his legs.

He now stood fully naked in the changing room, but for Susan’s white panties, staring at Susan’s reflection which mimicked his every move. The fact that he was in someone else’ body still overwhelmed him. He’d been trained for this situation but now it felt so surreal, not seeing his chubby body staring back at him, but the curvy, sexy body of a middle aged economics teacher. It was turning him on to say the least. A faint dampness could be seen between his legs and the white panties he’d donned at the start of the day. Breaking out of his trance he began trying on the dresses. Each one accentuated Susan’s huge breasts, but one did much more so than others. This was John’s favorite. It was a very tight and quite revealing red slinky number, which showed of Susan’s body but in a very elegant and subdued manner. The dress hugged tightly around her waist, emphasizing her wide hips and chest, the bottom of the dress squeezed tightly against her legs ending about 4 inches above her knees, showing a decent yet still elegant amount of thigh. It had a very deep neckline which greatly emphasized Susan’s bust, squeezing her tits together to create a dark chasm of cleavage between the pale flesh. Her nipples were dangerously near the edge of the material threatening to peak out of the sides at any moment. The plunging V ended just above her belly button putting Susan’s slightly pudgy belly on display. It was without a doubt an incredibly hot dress and Susan’s body looked amazing in it, more amazing than the stick thin models that John always saw in magazines, this was the body of a real women.

“Wow” he blurted out in amazement, his jaw dropping. John had never seen such an amazing sight. Susan mainly wore business suits, being a highly reputable women, but now here she was in an outfit you wouldn’t catch her dead in. “Wow” he said again “You could actually be a model Susan” He pondered in amazement, “This is definitely the one” He stated. He admired his get up for a few more minutes before he exited the changing room, passing the teenage salesman who was covering the changing rooms. “I’m allowed to leave in this right?” Andrew asked as he walked passed the man who just stood staring at him flabbergasted, “Take that as a yes then”.

John approached the counter “I’d like to buy this please” He said gesturing the dress that covered his body. The young girl on the counter stared on in awe, “Wow, you look amazing” she then said. John would usually have taken this just as a ploy for the girl to get him to buy the item but he knew that he did look amazing. “I know” He said turning and grabbing the tag on the back for the girl to scan. The girl put the item through and handed John the credit card machine, all the while staring enviously at John’s body. John noticed this. “Hey don’t worry, you’ll look like this one day” He said gesturing to his body, the girl gave him a quizzical look, “You don’t want to look like those stick thin models on the TV. Beside this body was much easier to get” John smiled momentarily at how easy he had taken this body. “All it takes is unhealthy eating and a lack of exercising” He continued, then cupping Susan’s breasts. “Then you can have tits this size”. The girl gave him a weird look, John just smiled mischievously enjoying acting silly in Susan’s body. He then span on his heels and headed for the exit, all while the girl looked on. John had a new aura of confidence to him, feeling the stares from passing strangers. He knew that he looked good, very good indeed.

John carried on visiting shop after shop, buying a shed load more stuff, among the things was lingerie, some wonder bras, which made Susan’s tits look absolutely huge, much to the satisfaction of John. And other outfits of clothing to flesh out Susan’s empty wardrobe. John was very much enjoying himself much to the chagrin of Susan who’s bank account had almost halved in size. He strutted confidently to the another store when suddenly everything went black, John felt the strong tingle he had before and then suddenly he was laying inside the pod, back in his own body. The pod slowly opened and John could see Graham, from before, shaking his head, not looking best pleased.
“So John. I was just checking up on how you were doing in Miss Capel when I find out you’ve spent three thousand pounds of her hard earned cash” He looked down on John shaking his head. “This weekend habituation period is to get use to your body and learn how to play the role of it”. John shrugged smiling.
“Yeah I guess I got a bit carried away”
“Yes you did” Graham said laughing slightly. “This usually happens on the first time, and since you’re my friend I’ll let you off, okay. But no more shopping sprees alright. Susan Capel should feel like nothing at all has changed when she gets back her body, okay.”. John nodded knowingly. “Alright get ready for re-immersion” Graham continued. The pod once again began to lower itself. Then, “Three, two, one” And everything John’s vision went black, and he got the tingling sensation. Suddenly John could see again, he quickly closed his eyes remembering the protocol.

Opening his eyes ten seconds later he noticed he was at the wheel of a car, stopped at a traffic light. There were cars behind him sounding their horns. John looked up seeing a green light glaring. He quickly set off going pulling the car up as soon as he had chance. He breathed out a sigh as he stopped the car pulling on the handbrake. His senses were still adjusting. He took this time to look down, a deep slit of cleavage greeted him, he was definitely back in Susan. He gave the two mountains of flesh a squeeze, enjoying the feeling. Looking back he could see a pile of bags clearly the items that he’d bought. He shrugged, turning around and putting the sat-nav on before setting of back towards Susan’s home.


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