Possession Party

“Sam I found where we’re gonna have our party tonight. I was at Costco with my mom when I saw this women and her big tits bouncing about” Henry typed as he then sent a picture of his new mount to his friend, “I was just going to go into the toilet and have a little sesh but it turns out she’s actually a well off accountant with a penthouse apartment in the city! So I thought that’s where we could have the party tonight” He continued.
“Sounds good. Nice tits.” Came the reply from Sam, “What’s her address?”.
Henry typed in an address and sent it to Sam.
“Wow, that’s the rich area of town. Shit, tonight should be good then. I’ll surprise you with my costume, I’ve got someone in mind that I think you’ll love” Sam Continued.
“Yeah I know! And sick, Is it Tom’s mom again?!” Henry asked excited.
“Nah nah, not after last time. I think she’s still recovering! Hahaha” Sam typed, “You’ll enjoy who I wear trust me”.
“Alright then, I’ll take your word for it. See you at the party then” Henry messaged.
“See you then”
Sam and Henry were part of a very unique group. Each week this group would hold what they called ‘possession parties’. Every week the host, this week Henry, would hop a person who’s house they would host the party at. They’d upload the address of that person to the group chat. Everyone would then find a ‘costume’ to wear to the party and they’d all have a mad night of sex, booze and partying all at the expense of their ‘costume’. The next day they would just leave their ‘costumes’ who would have to deal with the consequences of their actions. It was the ultimate party recipe.


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