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Hopper review

“Hey guys it’s Johnny and Josh here. Just dropping in to leave a review on our current mounts. I’d probably rate them as probably some of the best mounts you’ll find. They’re some of the bustiest ladies out there and they live together! Josh come over here and show them how big your boobs are. As you can see mine are big but Josh’s are even bigger. Look. Read more

Stuck in sis

When Darren (14) used the possession spell on his busty sister and ended up stuck in her body he thought his life was over. Well his old one was. His body had simply disappeared off the face of the earth and a huge investigation ensued. Meanwhile Darren was learning the benefits of now being his sister. Of course he had her huge boobs atop his chest which he loved to play with day and night. But he also noticed how easily he could live. He simply quit his sisters job as a receptionist and applied for the state benefit. That along with all of the money he was receiving because of his “brothers” death was enough so that he didn’t have to do a thing to earn a living. He spent his days masturbating or playing Xbox with some friends he’d met online. His parents were beginning to wonder what happened to their aspiring daughter slobbing around all day but they simply put it down to the loss of her brother. Little did they know that Darren was alive and quite well indeed.


At a secret location hidden underneath the city of London an agent was preparing for the ultimate undercover mission. His name was John Smith and he was a pretty average agent really, picked out of the police squad for this certain mission. He’d been chosen to carry out a mission of minor importance to the agency, but still of importance to the prime ministers campaign. The rest of the squad that usually carried out this sort of mission being busy attending to much more oppressing matters, which meant that john was chosen to fill in.
John lay down in a pod as one man inserted needles into his body and a man John knew reasonably well, Graham, briefed him on how the process would work. “So when I press the button, your vision will go black and you’ll feel tingle all over your body, this will last for approximately ten seconds, there’s no need to panic this is normal. Then when your vision and feeling returns quickly close your eyes for ten seconds so that your senses can adjust, after that you can open your eyes and you will be in a completely different place. After that we will contact you. You got that John?” John just nodded trying to take in the information but overwhelmed by the situation. Seeing John nod the Graham stepped back and a lid slowly lowered itself over John.
“Good look agent” Said the man. And then everything went black and a tingle ten times worse than pins and needles spread over what felt like all of John’s body. Then suddenly the pain stopped and John could see again. John quickly closed his eyes and began counting to ten. As he counted he could feel his senses coming back to him. He felt a cool breeze stroke through what seemed to be long hair atop his head. He could hear the sound of people talking and some children playing in the distance. When the ten seconds was up and he finally opened his eyes. The sight of a park greeted him. He did a full loop trying to figure out where he was. He didn’t have a clue, but what he did find was a very heavy weight on his chest threatening to pull him over. He looked down to see two large mounds covered by a tight suit shirt. His hands darted up grabbing the two mounds. He then raised his hands in front of his face, noting the femininity to them. He dropped them to his side and began scanning the area for anywhere which might have a reflecting. Spotting a car parked by the side of a road he began running towards it. The weight of the two breasts that now hung from his chest making it much more difficult than he was use to. He finally made it to the car, all be it now sweating and panting profusely. He looked in the car window at the reflection that stared back at him. The face that he saw in the reflection was a female face, maybe in her mid thirties. The lady had pretty average features which had a slightly mean yet innocent demeanor to them. John stepped in closer to the car, close enough that his breath was fogging up the window. He stared mesmerized by his reflection. A hand reached up stroking at the smooth skin which was clearly well cared for. While his other hand brushed through his blonde shoulder length hair. He stared into the eyes of his reflection when suddenly there was a vibration in his pocket. He stepped back surprised, pulling the phone out of the suit trousers he now wore. He turned it on, seeing it had a text from an unknown number. He clicked on it. “I suspect this is you John” it read. John responded finding it difficult to type with his new longer nails. “This is he”.
“Good. This is your mission” A text came through instantaneously, along with an attachment. John clicked the attachment and a video began to play. “As you can probably tell you are not yourself at the moment. You currently possess the body of one Susan Capel, She is the head of the Economics department at the Saint Grahams school” The video said as pictures of his current form appeared on the screen “She’s 5 ft 7 in” An image of her profile came up along with all of her measurements.” And she has 36G cups” John looked down at the two breasts. “Yes I knew you’d like that John” The video continued “Anyway you will be replacing her for the time being, you’re mission is to infiltrate the school and find out the identity of a major player in the cocaine market. We have reason to believe that the dealer is one of the schools pupils. We want you to find this person and gather enough evidence for us to put them away for a long time. We suggest starting here.” The video continued, a picture of a teenage boy popping up, “This is Tim Bradley, a person with a not too clean record, he keeps a low profile at school but Miss Capel here is lucky enough to share three classes with him so she’s teaching him a lot of the week. We have reason to believe that he is involved. Investigate and find out more.” The video went black “And remember John. This is a silent mission, no one must know of your presence. Take as much time as you need to fulfill your assignment, but remember Keep your current form safe and out of harms way. Good luck John” The video stopped and the phone went back to the text screen. He placed it back in his pockets and focused his attention back on his reflection. “Well Susan it looks like we’re gonna be doing some crime busting” He said to her reflection which stared back at him. The phone suddenly buzzed again. John pulled it out of his pocket, this time an address appeared. “12 Hillway” He said to himself, copying the address into Google maps before then setting of quickly towards what he assumed was his new home. Read more

Possession Party

“Sam I found where we’re gonna have our party tonight. I was at Costco with my mom when I saw this women and her big tits bouncing about” Henry typed as he then sent a picture of his new mount to his friend, “I was just going to go into the toilet and have a little sesh but it turns out she’s actually a well off accountant with a penthouse apartment in the city! So I thought that’s where we could have the party tonight” He continued.
“Sounds good. Nice tits.” Came the reply from Sam, “What’s her address?”.
Henry typed in an address and sent it to Sam.
“Wow, that’s the rich area of town. Shit, tonight should be good then. I’ll surprise you with my costume, I’ve got someone in mind that I think you’ll love” Sam Continued.
“Yeah I know! And sick, Is it Tom’s mom again?!” Henry asked excited.
“Nah nah, not after last time. I think she’s still recovering! Hahaha” Sam typed, “You’ll enjoy who I wear trust me”.
“Alright then, I’ll take your word for it. See you at the party then” Henry messaged.
“See you then”
Sam and Henry were part of a very unique group. Each week this group would hold what they called ‘possession parties’. Every week the host, this week Henry, would hop a person who’s house they would host the party at. They’d upload the address of that person to the group chat. Everyone would then find a ‘costume’ to wear to the party and they’d all have a mad night of sex, booze and partying all at the expense of their ‘costume’. The next day they would just leave their ‘costumes’ who would have to deal with the consequences of their actions. It was the ultimate party recipe.

Jezzer behind the wheel

“Hi mom you have a good time at that ‘help for homeless’ thing?” Tom asked his mom.
“Oh yeah, that was fantastic” Jezzer said down the phone in his new feminine voice as he rubbed one of his large stolen nipples “Feel like its really changed my outlook on life. I feel like a different person” Jezzer continued laughing at the irony at what he’d just said. “Eh why what happened today different to the passed fifty times before” Tom said jokingly.
“Well lets just say I think the hobos really got to know me a little bit better” Jezzer laughed down the phone thinking back to his antics a couple of hours ago. “Haha okay mom you weirdo. Anyway I was just ringing to tell you that I won’t be coming home tonight, I’m staying at Henry’s. So you can have yourself a nice night in on your own. Why don’t you treat yourself, I think you deserve it” Tom told his mom down the phone.
“Oh I most definitely will be treating myself tonight” Jezzer purred down the phone “See ya later darling” He finished, abruptly hanging up the phone and laughing mischievously to himself. “Well I think me and you” He began then pausing for a second, “What was your name again?” He searched his mounts memories momentarily “Ah Denise. I think me and you are going to have a very good night tonight Denise. What do ya say. Now where do you keep your dildo?” Said Jezzer as he stood up and headed for Denise’s panty drawer. Jezzer was in for a very good night tonight, better than his usual nights on the street, Denise however not so much.
Jezzer had spotted her earlier that day helping out the soup kitchen, handing food out to various homeless people. When he went to get some food and saw her huge boobs jiggling within her floral dress, that’s when he knew he had to have her. He quickly left leaving his full tray of food where it lay, heading outside and out of sight. He then faded into nothingness, his ethereal form completely invisible. He quickly made his way back inside through the walls. Standing directly behind Denise he simply stepped into her body forcing her body to spring upright. Jezzer was now behind the wheel. His hands quickly made their way up to grope the two huge mounds atop his chest much to the enjoyment of the homeless men who stood watching. Jezzer noticed there staring a mischievous smile spreading across his face. “You like that?” He said in a sultry tone, “Then your gonna love this!” He exclaimed a hint of his old gruff voice coming out. He then in one fluid motion grabbed the hem of his shirt, quickly pulling it down along with Denise’s bra. Her two huge breasts tumbling unceremoniously out, much to the enjoyment of the homeless men who began cheering. The other volunteer workers just stood completely shocked at what the usually shy and reserved volunteer was doing. Jezzer jiggled Denise’s boobs around in her hands encouraging more cheers from the homeless men. Then it was over as quick as it started as an older, heavyset volunteer quickly grabbed Jezzer pushing him out of sight. “Get out! Get out!” She screamed at him as they finally made it near to the exit. “Alright keep your knickers on” He said as she pushed him out the back door, quickly slamming it before he could get back in. Jezzer stood smiling a cool breeze brushing across his now huge chest. “Right where to now?” He said pausing momentarily, “I guess yours” He continued looking down at Denise’s huge boobs which he hadn’t cared to cover before he then set off in the direction of Denise’s house.