Under Her Spell

“Is this what you want?” I asked, letting the silk robe fall from my shoulders. I was no stranger to new bodies, or to new experiences, so having been transformed into a sleek feminine form was nothing I couldn’t handle. But this body, it was one I knew well. I had become very familiar with it over the years, having laid with the original owner nearly every night.

And again, now I stood above her laying on the bed. She looked up at me with identical eyes, donning an identical set of lingerie. I had been pulled every which way by that sorceress, transformed and hexed from top to bottom as she had her way with me night after night. Tonight was new territory; she had given me a duplicate of her form to wear for the evening.

She bit her lip coyly and nodded yes.

I stepped forward, lowering myself above her on the silken bed. I brought my face, matching hers in every infinite detail, down onto hers in a soft exploratory kiss. From below, she lifted a hand up to fondle my chest, and another traced down the line of my body towards my panties. We moaned into each other’s matching lips. “Love me,” I whispered to her. “Love yourself.”


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