Internal Dilemma

When they started, Melanie had only thought they were exceptionally vivid dreams. She would always imagine herself as someone else, someone close to her, and within the dream would live as part of their body for a few fleeting hours during the night.

Before long though, she was able to piece together what was really going on. Through her sleep Melanie could possess the bodies of others, and with practice she began to hone these skills further.

Tonight though, Melanie found herself in a new situation. Just a few hours ago she had taken home a man she met at a bar — the sex was good, but nothing spectacular. But soon… soon Melanie dreamed, and her soul drifted into the male body lying next to her.

And now she was faced with a quandary, one she hadn’t ever predicted finding herself in. Melanie was looking down at her own sleeping body. She ran a hand up the musculature curve of her back, feeling her new male body get more turned on by the second. She had known her body was a sexy one, but from this new perspective Melanie was able to see herself in a slightly different light.

Would it be rape if she were to fuck her own unconscious body? Or, would it make her a lesbian? As she traced her hand around the sexy curves of her back and ass, the questions continued to flood her mind. But soon they didn’t matter; soon she was unzipping her pants and pulling out her new cock. She couldn’t wait to get inside her own body, to feel what it might feel like to others. The temptation was too much to ignore.


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