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Target Acquired

Here he comes, right on time. Young Todd, here to mow my lawn. But I’ve seen the way he stares at me, and I’ve drank in those randy thoughts of his. And that’s when I’m dressed in appropriate clothing. In my sexiest corset, he’ll be like a puddle in my hands. Read more

Under Her Spell

“Is this what you want?” I asked, letting the silk robe fall from my shoulders. I was no stranger to new bodies, or to new experiences, so having been transformed into a sleek feminine form was nothing I couldn’t handle. But this body, it was one I knew well. I had become very familiar with it over the years, having laid with the original owner nearly every night. Read more


“Oh, hey Rick! Which one do you think looks better, the green or the leopard print?” Read more

Something Special

It was an important part of our plan. We needed to lure Jessica away from the others, and given her reputation it came as no surprise that seduction was our method of choice. Read more

Pay Up!

“It worked!” I shouted, bounding back into Stacy’s room. Neither of us had really expected me to succeed, but sure enough my transformation was far more convincing than Stacy had initially expected. Only minutes ago, she bet me that my skills as a shapeshifter weren’t good enough to fool her friends — she happened to be throwing a costume party downstairs, so it was the perfect place to put my ability to the test. It was risky though, and pushing my powers beyond anything I had ever attempted before, so I insisted on raising the stakes for our little wager. Read more