Okay, let’s take stock of my situation. I’m on my back, looking up at this… guy. Do I know who he is? Or why he’s looking at me like that? And what’s this I feel between my legs, this… warmth?

I remember being different, somehow. I remember this guy, also. What is it about him? My gut is telling me to run, far away, but my mind is telling me YES, OH YES! Something about a magic spell, but that can’t be right, magic isn’t real.

I feel like maybe he was my friend, no, my lover, no, my best friend. And he came across a spell that would make me… a woman? But no, clearly I’ve always been a woman, right? These thighs, these breasts… the way he touches my… oooooh.

It’s hard to think like this… but I should try to remember my name. My name is Ste… Steven? No, that’s not right, I’m a woman, I’ve already established that. So, it must be Stephanie. Yes! I’m Stephanie! And this is my boyfriend, Tom! It all makes sense now!

But what about all these strange things I’m thinking about? Or this feeling that someone is screaming inside of me, but very far away.

Oh well. It’s probably nothing.


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