Your Day never goes as planned…

Before I went to bed last night, I had plans to wake up with my girlfriend Cara, make passionate love to her, go to work, and go on a wild and extravagant date to eventually propose to her. As you can see, I am not on one knee with the ring on Cara’s finger….and yes, that is me in the middle between those two guys.

Instead my day went like this…

So, Cara ended up going to work early before I got up and ended up waking up alone. I got dressed and opened the door to three guys dressed in black rummaging through our things looking for something. They saw me and tackled me and knocked me out with a drug.

I woke back up in my roommate’s loan shark’s house as I was being held as “collateral”, but really being kidnapped until I tell them where Jason is. So, to extract that information from me, they ended up turning me into the woman you see before you and have “interesting” interrogation tactics. Something tells me I will remain silent for the near future.


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