Two Lucky Fans

Bret and his teenage son Nick were really excited, they had gone to a football game and had been selected from the crowd for a special backstage VIP Treatment where they’d get to meet the star quarterback, Dick Sentry.

Just wait here you two Dick will be right with you.” the guide said “In the meantime please help yourselves to the complimentary drinks and snacks.”

The two men started eating some chips and drinking the free waters.

“Ohh…” Nick groaned “I ain’t feeling so good.”

“Yeah…me too, i thought it was just butterflies but now…UGH!”

The two didn’t know it but the free snacks had been laced with Fem-X and they were now turning into women. Bret’s chubby middle age body lost weight and slimmed down while Nick underdeveloped teen body began to stretch out. Their painted chests began to rise up as breasts formed and their pants got loose as their waists shrunk and asses plumped up. Lastly they felt their manhood disappear and smooth folds get left behind.

“Holy Crap!” Bret yelled “Nick?”

“Dad?!” Nick gasped looking at his blue breasts “We’re…we’re girls?”

they both heard a door open and saw Dick Sentry walk in, fresh from his shower Dick was only in a towel “You two must be those lucky fans.”

Dick slowly dropped his towel, showing the new girls his cock “What are your names?”

the two said the first thing that came to mind.

“Britney.” “Nicki.”

“Why don’t we get more acquainted girls.” Dick said stroking his cock.”

“Hey dad.” Nicki whispered “I um…I”

“Really want to suck him off.”


The two dropped to their knees and began licking the quarterback’s dick. They just seemed to know how to do it, they twirled their tongues together and took turns bobbing their heads on the cock. After a while of sucking, which both enjoyed, Dick had Britney sit on the beach and spread her legs. He pushed his cock in and for the first time Britney learned how it felt to be a woman.

Her son laid next to her, playing with her boobs as Dick fucked her. Dick plowed Brit till she had an uncontrollable orgasm that rocked her body, but Dick didn’t let up, he kept fucking her, after a while Dick pulled out.

“Oh get ready..I’m about to cover you.”

“AHH!” Nicki opened her mouth

“OHH!” Brit gasped as she and her new daughter were blasted in the face with a hot load.

Dick wasted no time bending the other girl over and going into her. Brit watched as her son, now daughter got fucked right before her eyes. her hands traipsed up and scooped the cum off her chest and licked her finger clean.

“I wonder whet the Misses will think when we get home?”


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