For all eternity

A long time ago, about two centuries ago, I discovered a coven of witches. I was scared, so I told my local church. They started trapping and burning each of them; however, one witch escaped.

A few days later she showed at my door, and said “Your actions killed my sisters! I curse you! You’ll be without a body, you will be nothing but a leech, living in others peoples bodies for all eternity”. She pointed her finger at me, and right then, my body was desintegrated.

I woke up in some guys body, I could only hear, feel and see what he did, but I couldn’t control him. I was just in for the ride. I learned his name was John. I got used to see the world through his eyes. A few years later, he met a beautiful girl named Emilia, that night they had sex. It felt like I was also making love to that girl; however, the unthinkable happened. After we climaxed, I stopped being inside John’s body, and moved to Emilia’s body.

It was weird, but I was now her. I started getting used to her body, when they had sex again, and I went back into the guys body. I started to understand, everytime the body I am in, has sex, I switch bodies with the other person. I got used to it, I enjoyed having sex both ways. Plus, I am learning so much from them, It’s like I am part of the family. That went on for decades.

One day, John had an affair. I was so mad and upset, how could he cheat on Emilia! And the saddest part is that I moved to a completely different woman. And since then, I have been moving from body to body, living sometimes as woman and some others as a man. Time has passed, I’ve seen wars, revolutions, and lived so many things both exciting and frightening.

That brings us up to today. I was living in the bodies of an old couple, Jean and Edward. They didn’t cheat on each other, I felt so comfortable living with them. They had a great family, and their granddaughter Emily, who was really hot! Since they got old, I hopped that when they died, I would finally die with them.

She passed away first, that made Edward and me really sad. He must have passed out of sadness, he was a strong man, but he couldn’t live without his wife. At the moment he passed away, I felt happy, finally some rest for me too. I saw a white light, and I started walking towards it. When I got to it, I wasn’t in heaven or hell. I was once again living inside of another person’s body. But this time was different, I had control over it. I looked in the mirror, It was my granddaughter, I mean, Edward’s granddaughter. I felt so alive, so hot! I didn’t even notice that I was practically naked, so I started fingering myself out of excitement. I didn’t notice her boyfriend was there “hey! don’t start without me” he said. We had sex that day, and I didn’t switch bodies. I was Emily for good. I felt so relieved, so happy, so alive.


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