Twenty one

“I don’t get it, how do you do it? how have you dated so many hot women?” I asked my friend James, after he showed me about 20 pictures of hot women he had slept with. “I know… right? it is like magic” he said. “magic? haha… very funny” I told him, “One day you must really show me how to get a hot girl”. He didn’t answer right away, he just paused, and then smiled, “Well, I wish I could show you, but there is no way you can find out… unless…” he said while getting his phone out “…unless I tape one of the girls, and ask her to tell you how”. That was a weird plan, but I agreed.

He started recording with his smartphone, “I thought you were going to tape a girl, not me” I said. He pressed something on his phone. And that’s all I remember. I woke up the next morning in my bed. I had so many questions. James’s phone was on my bed with a note, “just push play”.

After pressing play, I saw myself being recorded. What happened in the video scared the crap out of me. I don’t know what James did, but I saw how my clothes changed. I was wearing a blue top, and some panties. “What the hell dude?” I asked, but he didn’t answer. I just saw my body change. I was transformed into a woman. She had big breasts, and I could see her erect nipples. “Hey lover, thanks for bringing me back” the girl said. “how many times has it been? 19? 20?” the girl asked James. “With this one, 21” he said. “And your roommate is clueless all those girls were actually me? Clueless that I am his feminine side” she asked. “Yes he has no clue” he said.

“So,you just recorded my transformation. And want me to tell him how it works?” she asked James. He didn’t answer, but the girl continued talking “Well, I bet once he sees this video he will cum in his pants in excitement”. She was right, I had already gotten an erection. She started dancing and undressing sexily. She walked towards James and after taking the phone of his hands, she had sex with him. It was weird watching what was essentially a porn video.

After sex, James told the girl it was time to go back. “Why? I still don’t get it. You could keep me as a girl forever. You know I am John, and I want to stay like this” she said. “Yes, but that is not my choice, and in a way, it ain’t yours either. It has to be John’s choice”. The girl looked sad, but said she understood completely. She rested in my bed, while James stood up and recorded how the girl transformed back into me.

I felt violated, and incredible mad. I walked towards James’s room, ready to confront him. But as I openned the door, I started to think about my current life, I was unemployed, I had no girlfriend, I was sad must of the time. And that girl looked happy, incredible happy, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to be her forever.

James was awake. “So… you saw the video?” he asked. I nodded. “and?” he asked, “and I want you to make a woman out of me” I told him while handing him his phone back. He pressed something in it, and I felt myself transform into a different woman. I was so glad, so happy. Once the transformation was over, I had the girl’s memories, and my own. I jumped into James’s bed, and immidiately placed his face on my naked breasts. I wanted to enjoy my first official day as a woman.

Since that day I have never gone back. People now know me as Kimberly, or Kim for short.


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