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Can’t wait

The doctor’s looked at each other in confusion. They expected side effects, but nothing like this. When Mitchy came to them to test the experimental drug “X-21” he was just desperate for cash. They told him that this would revert him back to the age of 21 for a week. He was fine with this, who wouldn’t want to be younger for a week. But instead of just changing his age it also changed his gender and accelerate his, now her, sex drive. She couldn’t even wait to get to the bathroom before starting to undress.

Twenty one

“I don’t get it, how do you do it? how have you dated so many hot women?” I asked my friend James, after he showed me about 20 pictures of hot women he had slept with. “I know… right? it is like magic” he said. “magic? haha… very funny” I told him, “One day you must really show me how to get a hot girl”. He didn’t answer right away, he just paused, and then smiled, “Well, I wish I could show you, but there is no way you can find out… unless…” he said while getting his phone out “…unless I tape one of the girls, and ask her to tell you how”. That was a weird plan, but I agreed. Read more

Not part of the orientation material

Like everyone else, at age 21 I underwent the government ordered mandatory gender swap. The change wasn’t too bad and I knew at the end of a year I’d get to change back. I’d seen my sister go through it two years ago when she became my brother, and over the past few months my friends had been turning into women one by one. Now I’d be on the other side of the gender fence too. Read more

Bubble bath

I can’t believe these are really my legs. For the next year I’ll be stuck as a chick. The strange thing is this bubble bath actually feels nice and it makes my smooth skin feel even smoother. The strange thing is looking at my crotch turns me on. My body may be female but my brain still male. It’s my body so if I want to play with myself I will. I hope my buddy Jack doesn’t mind waiting a bit longer for our date.