Trying new things as a couple

“Alright honey. Are you ready to be possessed?”
His wife, Gina, gulped. “Yes. Do it”.

Due to a fluke the couple had got hold of and magical artifact that let one person to possess another. Curious to try it out Martin had managed to badger her into be the one of them that got possessed. For the sake of their safety he argued they would perform it on the bed.
After a while Gina caved in and agreed to be possessed.

It was a glorious Saturday morning and it was time.
Martin placed the enchanted gem on her body and recited the words.
Both bodies became limp and unconcious at the same time.

Martins senses slowly returned to him, like he was waking up only this time the body felt all different.
His hands flung up on his wifes chest, his chest, and grabbed the boobs.
He had done it!
Now he could proceed with the next step in his plan.
Martin-in-Gina began to undress himself. The bra was a problem as usual.
Stark naked he began to undress his original male body, laying it completely bare on the back in the bed.

With one hand on his real body´s dick and the other fingering the pussy he began to work up a sexual desire, a longing in his pussy.
The dick was hard soon enough and himself was ready for the real stuff.
Hovering with the his pussy above the erect penis he began to slowly lowering himself down, letting the vagina be filled bit by bit. When he hit the hilt of the cock he wriggled a his butt little bit and enjoyed the fullness inside of him.
Moving his hips back and forth, up and down, he began to ride his own body. He controlled the pleasure in his vagina completely.
Massaging the breasts at the same time sent shivers along the spine and Martin-in-Gina was coming closer and closer to the point of climax.
He felt how it was starting to build up.
Like a kettle coming closer to the boiling point.
Almost there now

All of sudden his original male body opened his eyes. First looking very confused and then he started to tense up.
Martin-in-Gina felt how multiple jets of hot cum sprayed his pussy. That feeling put him over the edge and he began to experience a set of powerful orgasms. For 20 seconds the orgasms hit him one after another, sending his mind reeling.
Afterwards his body was completely spent and slumped down beside his male self.

The two bodies in the beds panted hard and fought to catch a breath.
“Martin?”, the male body said.
Martin was gobsmacked. His body was supposed to be unconcious. “Gina?”
The male looked down on himself: “Yes. But I`m you”. Then she realised what just had happened. “Did you only want to possess my body just so you could have sex as me?!”, she almost screamed.

“Oh crap”, Martin thought.


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