Mark couldn’t understand why his hot aunt Susan was so eager to swap bodies. She was a successfull and beautiful woman with a good job, loving husband and a lovely one year old son, so the reasons why she wanted to try being a highschool boy was unclear. After a long persuasion Mark finally agrred to swap for a day.

Mark had a hard time as his aunt Susan. Her work wasn’t hard and he maneged to do it pretty well but the differences in their bodies made him feel uncomfortable. Wearing a skirt and high heels was a new and awkward experience, not to mention having breasts that bounced with every step he took.

After the end of Susan’s shift Mark went to the place where they were supposed to meet and swap back. Susan was being late and Mark started to get nervous. After an hour of waiting Mark recived a text message.
“Thank you for the opportunity to expirience a new life. I’m going to keep it that way so try your best with your new life as well. I’m sure you would do well. Take care of your husband and son. Ps. Don’t tell anybody about it unless you want to end up in a mental hospital.”
Mark realised it now. It was her plan from the begining and thanks to his naivety he ended up trapped in her body.


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