Get better

“Wow, did I just run that far?” I exclaimed as I took a swig of water from my bottle “God that feels good” I said though bated breath.

I knew the endorphins were working their way round my body making me feel proud and amazing about what I just run, especially with the state this body was in when I got it!

I use to be a 30 year old, male, exercise instructor. I was in amazing shape and sadly it seemed Emily here agreed, she was overweight and didn’t want to commit to a regime of working out so decided to skip it all and just steal my body.

At first I was devastated. I felt so weak, doughy and tiny in comparison to my old body. I pleaded for her to give me it back but I was promptly escorted out… Not that I could stand up to say otherwise in this body.

Though I was a wreck I realised I’d at least gained nine years back, with this body being 21, “Fat chance that’s going to make” I snorted “With it being in this shape it’s probably lost those already”

That’s when I decided to stop wallowing in self pity and set myself goals, over the next 4 months I lost three stone and started to find that this body cleans up real good.

Setting goals and exercising helped me adjust to this new body and really make it feel like it’s mine as well as begin to embrace my femininity, while my sexual orientation never changed with my improvements I quickly found myself becoming more popular in the lesbian scene and let’s say I’d now never want to go back!

Emily in my old body however never kept up with training or good eating and quickly started gaining weight again, I bumped into her last week and shocked with how I’ve made her body look she tried to steal it back.

Thankfully that was the day that she found out the spell was only one way and she was now trapped in her quickly fattening form, while it is disheartening to see my old body go this way I couldn’t think of a better punishment for her.

Life just keeps getting better


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