*Vrrr wrr-wrrr-wrrr-BZAP!* “EEEKKK!!”

Kyle’s weird looking toy wound down after firing a bright purple bolt of energy into Stan’s chest. The smoke billowing from every crack in the gun wasn’t a good sign.

“Well at least it worked.” Kyle said and looked up from the smoldering ray gun in his hands to see Stan very naked and very female.

“It’s a bit more explosive than I was expecting.” Stan said in a sweet girls voice. He reached up and cupped his new breasts “Oh wow.”

“Yeah, umm, sorry…” Kyle said as he watched his roommate play with his-her new tits.

“These are fun.” Stan said and smiled, “So are you going to turn me back now like you said you would?”

“Umm, I think the control board got fried.” Kyle said, shifting his stance to better hide the boner he was getting.

“How long will that take to fix?” Stan said as she ran his hands up and down his sexy new body.

“Last time it took me a week to build a new one…” Kyle said , his eyes stuck staring at Stan’s new tits.

“Perfect.” Stan said and strutted from the room, feeling Kyle’s eyes on her the whole time. It was kind of a turn on.

Having a mad scientist for a roommate had its downsides, but Stan suspected getting to be a hot chick for a week was totally worth Kyle never doing the dishes.


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