Tom’s Ring and his vacation

One week ago, Tom had found a strange looking ring with symbols on it in the middle of nowhere and thought he might take it. At home he put it on, surprised it fit him perfectly. Suddenly a cyber-looking panel appeared on his field of sight like iron man. There were a lot of functions like “target” and “possession” “body swap” “body part swap” “mind alteration”. He didn’t know what this meant.
A few days later he went on vacation alone because he was still single.
One day, he was at the beach on vacation and saw a group of girl laying and sunbathing.
The girls were all very sexy he suddenly thought of the ring and with that much time he now had, he wanted to try it.
He really liked the looks of the girl with the yellow bikini top and thought of her as his first victim on this vacation.

He concentrated shortly, imagining the girl on his inner eye . The menu popped out again showing the options. He wanted to test this “possession” option first. He looked at the girl, concentrated and “target locked” blinked in his sight. He concentrated again imagining “start” and felt a major shift and heard his surrounding sayings.
“Tiffany, your boyfriend is so cute”
“Yea I know right, I got to know him on the last party, he was so obedient to me.”
“I wish Dean would not command me like his trophy”
“Tina, you are so silent all out of a sudden, what’s up?”
“Yea, and what’s with that ring on your finger, have you worn it the whole day? I can’t remember.”
“Umm…” Tom didn’t know what to say because he was a bit disturbed by his sexy new figure. “I think I need to refresh in the sea” He stood up and went forward, needing to hold his balance.
When he reached the sea, he looked down the first time, seeing his freshly new tits, which swang with every step he took. He wanted to squeeze them so bad but that would only cause attention. His mind and eyes wandered from his breasts to his mount between his legs. He had a weird feeling, like he was getting hard, but nothing rised up. He felt a bit wet and was glad that the sea was there, so no one saw the drops of wetness running down his thigh.
“This vacation is getting really fun!”, he thought, wanting to explore his body under water so no one could see him. Even his loud moans could not be heard because of the sound of the sea.

If you want more of Tom and his ring or female’s POV, just say it. I will post more! You can even suggest what should happen next!
part 2 is finally there! Check out tag “tomsring” for more


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