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Tom’s Ring and his vacation part 2!

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After Tom had explored his new body a bit and knew that the girl’s name was Tina, he wanted to stay a bit in there. He really liked how it felt when he had touched himself in the sea but couldn’t bring it to an end with reaching the summit. That was because the girl’s group was calling him because they were about to leave. Still in his bikini he went with the girls back to their hotel.
“Anyone in for a party today? I heard in the city are many good clubs to go to”, the girl -whose name was Lisa said. He remembered her name because she had a slight pink strain in her hair and a body as hot as his current host’s.
“Yes of course”, the other 3 girls said at the same time. All but Tom.
“What’s up, Tina. As I said earlier, you seem to be a bit distracted. First that sudden bath in the sea for so long alone, now you don’t want to party? You always want!”, Lisa said.
“Eh…ye…yes..YES of course!”, Tom stuttered. “I’m just a bit exhausted from the sun.”, he lied.
Every girl left to their room until only Tom and Lisa were left.
“Where was my room again, Lisa?”
“Two doors ahead of mine, silly. You’re weird.”
But before she spoke the last words, Tom knew enough and had already opened his panel. He again selected “Possession” like before and targeted Lisa.
A shift in reality and a new center of balance later, he looked back at his original body.
“See you in the evening, Lisa!”, Tina said, not remembering anything.
“Yea bye!”, Tom said, grinning micheavously.
He opened the apartement door and was greeted by a man. Not expecting this, Tom stood in the door, frozen.
“Babe, I was expecting you a lot earlier, so I started without you”, the man spoke while stroking his dick.
“Uh…uhm, we were busy.” His body’s hormones were raging and Tom couldn’t do anything about it. The guy approached Tom and kissed him on his neck.
“But now, we can continue together.”
He was so overhelmed by his feelings and the forming wetness between his legs that he did not know what was happening. His nipples were hard like steel and rubbed against his bikini.
“No foreplay needed, I see. You’re already so wet.”
He guided Tom, who he thought was his girlfriend, to the bed.
“Now ride me like you always do.”
Tom did as he said and was overcome by a feeling he had never experienced yet. He started to move forward and backward, faster and faster. He could not stop himself.
“Grab my tit’s, babe. Now!” The girl’s boyfriend did as he was told.
“Oh my GOOOD!”, he moaned as he came the first time in a girl’s body while his mind went blank.

Tom’s Ring and his vacation

One week ago, Tom had found a strange looking ring with symbols on it in the middle of nowhere and thought he might take it. At home he put it on, surprised it fit him perfectly. Suddenly a cyber-looking panel appeared on his field of sight like iron man. There were a lot of functions like “target” and “possession” “body swap” “body part swap” “mind alteration”. He didn’t know what this meant.
A few days later he went on vacation alone because he was still single.
One day, he was at the beach on vacation and saw a group of girl laying and sunbathing.
The girls were all very sexy he suddenly thought of the ring and with that much time he now had, he wanted to try it.
He really liked the looks of the girl with the yellow bikini top and thought of her as his first victim on this vacation. Read more