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This is the new you

Hi reader, feel the changes? What changes you ask? You are reading my caption turned on by the thought of being the woman in the caption. Transforma feminisa! Look in the mirror, you are now her. What will the rest of you look like? Let me know in the comments below.

Gender Change Cops Part 1-Cleaning out the Mob

In the year 2020, the world had become overridden with crime. The worlds governments could not fit any more into prison and the world populace was against mass-killing criminals. A study conducted showed the underlying cause was male aggression, but how could it be curbed? The answer came when the witches of the world banded together and came forward to the World Assembly with their solution: sex-change the criminals. Stunned by the reality there were witches and they wanted to increase the already prevalent 60% female population, the World Assembly agreed as this would lessen murder and other crimes. Read more

To my friend, A gift @Karen

Karen is an amazing TG caption writer who once did a great piece of work for her friend Alex. Little did she realize that she has magic and in writing the caption, she turned Alex into the woman he always wanted to be. Alex being happy for the first time in her life decided to return the favor. Read more

Artemis’ Army: The Goth Sister

Josh was always a bully to the girls of the neighborhood. He would point and make fun of their clothes by calling them “sluts” and “ho’s”. Danica was out looking for new sisters and heard Josh making fun of them. Deciding to add a new sister to the Army and teach him a lesson she fired an arrow into him. Josh felt weird as if he had lost weight in some places but gained it in others. He looked down and saw two modest sized tits on his chest. He ran home to figure out what was going on. He looked in the mirror and saw the body of an emo slut. “Courtney” he heard in his heard. “You have made funs of enough girls so I turned you into one”. You will recruit sisters for my army and if you disappoint me I’ll make you a pregnant emo slut”. Needless to say Courtney no longer makes fun of other girls.#

Artemis’ Army: Who I want to be

Julian always felt like he had to compensate for his large size and demeanor. In reality, he always wanted to be a small Asian woman. He loved their beauty and innocent nature. What he didn’t realize was that a mystical woman a few blocks away could hear his thoughts. Wanting to not just make another white chick, she grabbed a reality arrow and took aim. The room spun around Julian as he felt weak and couldn’t see straight. As soon as the spinning stopped he realized he was different. He was shorter, smaller, and most importantly a woman. He ran to the mirror to see the changes. It was his dream come true. As he looked around he realized his room changed was now that of a woman, filled with clothes of soft fabric and other girly things. She heard a voice in her head. “Julie, you are first of many to join the sisterhood, you will teach other new women to embrace their feminine side”. That was okay with her, she was finally who she wanted to be.

Artemis’ Army: The Shy Girl

Robert was scared when he was cornered by a mysterious woman with a bow in the back alley. “What Do you want?” he screamed. “To free you sister” she replied. “You’re Crazy!” he shouted thinking he could stand up to her. Without a second thought she pulled the arrow to her bow and let it fly dead center. Robert felt his body change, a feeling of euphoria he never knew before. He felt his bones cracking but not in a painful way. His body fat moved to his chest and butt as he grew shorter. All his body fell off as he felt his face change. The last change happened as his penis withdrew into him, changing into a fully functional vagina. As this happened he felt an earth-shattering orgasm and with that his masculine mind disappeared and she truly felt like a scared little girl. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?” he/she screamed. “I have freed your mind, body, and soul; explore your womanhood then prepare to join the army” Danica replied. “I am not a woman, I am a man”. She replied. “I’ll tell you what, REBECCA, spend a week to adapt and you will see the joys of being a woman”. Rebecca ran home, scared to find out how much she has changed she decided to take a shower to see if it would relax her. As she felt the warm water caress her body, she felt her mind change. For the first time she felt free and alive. Here we see Rebecca as she has joined the army. Read more

Artemis’ Army: I Love Blue

Danica always liked the color blue and wanted a sister who felt the same. She couldn’t contain her joy as she was scouting a rooftop and saw Connor as he was dying his hair blue and using blue soap. Connor felt a surge of energy and was gone. Instead lay Carly in the bath as she was enjoying her new boobs and pussy. No longer would she have blue balls but a blue pussy instead.

Artemis’ Army: The Jogger

Danica realized she needed more fit recruits she chose Lucas as he was doing his morning jog. He ran 10 miles everyday and was an excellent specimen. With a quick shot Lucas was gone for good. Lucy turned out a little top-heavy but still is in great-shape. Are you next?

Artemis’ Army: Peter’s Turn

Peter knew he couldn’t escape the archer even if he tried. The thought of possibly even giving birth scared him. He ran through the cornfield thinking he could get away. Far away in the distance like magic the arrow flew. In an instant Peter was gone and Petra was born. No longer afraid she joins the army. Will you be next? Read more

Artemis’ Army: The Second Sister

Ever have a sister who wanted to change you against your will? Well, We have Charlie, or should I say Charlotte who was embarrassed. He always wanted to be a girl but never wanted to admit it. An Artemis arrow took care of that. Now we see here as she mulls things over getting ready for the hunt. Read more