Gender Change Cops Part 1-Cleaning out the Mob

In the year 2020, the world had become overridden with crime. The worlds governments could not fit any more into prison and the world populace was against mass-killing criminals. A study conducted showed the underlying cause was male aggression, but how could it be curbed? The answer came when the witches of the world banded together and came forward to the World Assembly with their solution: sex-change the criminals. Stunned by the reality there were witches and they wanted to increase the already prevalent 60% female population, the World Assembly agreed as this would lessen murder and other crimes.

Each witch was assigned to police squad in every city called “Gender Change Cops”. The criminals of the world laughed until the oldest crooks, the mob were the first ones hit. Tony Two-Gun was a famous mafia boss tied with multiple crimes. A witch and her partner confronted him outside his favorite diner.

“What are ya gonna do, arrest me?” Tony said.

“No, we have something better in mind” said the witch

With that she pointed a finger at Tony and uttered “Feminista Transforma”. After a flash, Tony looked down as he felt his whole world change. He was no longer a man, he could feel his tits pressing against his suit and nothing where once was a very large cock. Now she was Tanya “Two C’s” and felt no more aggression. With that the witch made a last demand to Tanya.

“When you go to your scumbag buddies, show them your tits and let them know theirs will be bigger”

Are you a criminal? If so be prepared to meet the gender change cops.


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