It’s Your Choice

You couldn’t help yourself, could you? All those years of making fun of me in school, of bullying me…you thought they were over when we graduated, so you delighted in trying to get one over on me when you saw me again, all these years later. And you probably grinned eagerly inside when I told you we were going to finish this at my house. That way, you could torment me whenever you wanted to.

You were probably a bit worried after I left you with no way to follow me home, or any address to speak of. But you still got in your car and drove directly here. Maybe you didn’t understand how you knew which way to go, but you still followed these unwritten directions unquestioningly. And when I told you that you didn’t want to beat me up any more, you suddenly agreed with me, and followed me to my room. Don’t you get it by now?

You’re under my spell. All of that abuse you gave me in school has left scars in me, and not just physical ones. Scars that pushed me to find a way to get revenge on you in the off chance we ever met again. And wouldn’t you know it, today is your unlucky day. See, you’re under my control now, completely. I could tell you to start beating yourself up and you’d do it without question. I could have you walk into traffic, and I’d be rid of you.

But I don’t want to be rid of you. No, given how much you hated me before, it’s fitting to make you stay with me. So go on, have a seat in that chair. Don’t get up or say anything until I tell you you can. What, are you confused? Don’t worry, I won’t make you sit there forever. I just need to make a few…alterations to you first.

You’re way too tall for my liking, first of all. You should be at least a foot shorter. Feel your bones crack and snap as you lose your height advantage over me. You’ll never be able to tower over me in intimidation again. Hmm. Maybe a few inches shorter. There we go, perfect. Next up, your skin. It’s too light. Your office job has left you outside of the sun’s rays for way too long, and that just won’t do. Your skin should be naturally a bit tanned, actually. And lose all your body hair while you’re at it. Oh, yes. I wish you could feel your skin right now, it’s so soft! Just they way I like my women.

You look shocked. You didn’t realize it by now? I’m transforming you into my loving girlfriend. All that hate you have for me will be used as fuel for the love and passion of our relationship. Don’t worry, you won’t remember a thing of your old, brutish life. Not consciously, at least. Subconsciously it’ll probably eat away at you, forcing you to act even sweeter to me as recompense. Oh, but I digress. Small and smooth as you are, you’re still an eyesore to look at. I’ll have to fix that.

Let’s start with those hands and feet of yours. So…mannish. A sweet thing like you should be daintier. Oh, and what about some polish? Pink suits you best, my dear. Your legs and arms could use some toning up. They need to look longer, thinner, sexier…perfect. Oh, but you know what? It’s no fun just watching you sit there and squirm slightly. All these changes are making you horny, aren’t they? Each and every change to your body is getting you even more turned on. Watch this! Remember when you got that heart tattoo? It just looks so cute on the underside of your wrist like that. Aha, I see it in your eyes, oh, and through your pants, too. Just that little change made you hard as a rock. But don’t think you can just orgasm on me right away. Oh, no. No cumming until I say so. I want to watch you really squirm.

Where were we? Ah, yes. Your figure is just so…bleh. An hourglass shape would suit you much better. And your ass needs to be big, what would I do without something to hold on to? I can see you shifting in your seat a bit, it’s alright, you’ve got a new cushion you need to be comfortable with. But you’ll need to say goodbye to that six-pack. You’ll be a fit girl, but not that fit. Plus, the main event on your chest has to be your boobs, doesn’t it? They’re so small now, they need to be bigger. No, even bigger. Bigger…just a little bit more…There! Perfection. At least, I think so, I can’t tell since you’re wearing those ridiculous men’s clothes. You should be wearing something more comfortable, right? How about a nice small top and some sweatpants?

Ah…the way your breasts just stay up like that…you’re not even wearing a bra underneath. And I love how you’ve got that strap hanging down to the side like that. You’re great at showing off your impeccable fashion sense. If only you could do something about your face. Well, I guess I will, then. Blond hair doesn’t suit you. You’re much more of a brunette. And I know you love how long your hair is, the way it lays on your tits and down past your shoulders is beautiful.

As for the rest of your features…big brown eyes, succulent pink lips? Nobody should look at you and not think you’re one of the most beautiful girls they’ve ever seen. Incredible. You’re just incredible, Isabel. Oh, I hope that’s alright, you’re not much of an Isaac anymore. Not on the outside, at least. On the inside, well, maybe, but I can see it in your eyes. You’re absolutely bursting at the seams. These last few changes have been pretty major, and you’re holding in the biggest orgasm of your life right now.

Well, with only one thing left to change of you, physically, I think I’ll give you a choice. In a few seconds, you’ll have two options. Option one, will your penis into a pretty little pink cunt, and you’ll feel release. You’ll also be totally and fully remade into my girlfriend, well, barring those pesky subconscious reminders. Option two, you keep your penis. If you manage to come down off of your orgasmic high without cumming, I’ll let you turn back into a guy. I’ll let you go and we can both be on with our lives. So, what’ll it be? It’s your choice.

Music to my ears, Isabel. I knew you’d make the right choice, though with all the fight you had in you, I was expecting you to hold out longer than a second! And see, remember when you pushed me down in the bleachers and I got that scar? Completely gone. Isaac doesn’t exist anymore. And how could he have given me any scars when a beautiful creature like you has always existed in his place? Wow, you’re really a screamer. Calm down, Izzy, or you’ll wake the neighbors. Though I guess they’re used to it now, seems as though you’ve lived with me for quite some time.

Alright, enough’s enough. In a few seconds, the spell will end, solidifying everything that’s happened to you. You won’t remember any of this, and I want you to be fully sexually recharged. I’ve gotten horny as hell watching all this, and I want you to scream for me.


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