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To my friend, A gift @Karen

Karen is an amazing TG caption writer who once did a great piece of work for her friend Alex. Little did she realize that she has magic and in writing the caption, she turned Alex into the woman he always wanted to be. Alex being happy for the first time in her life decided to return the favor. Read more

A favor

It happened two months after I started dating Kim. She was one of the hottest and smartest girls I’ve ever met. Before I met her she was a dating a moron. Apparently, her ex had her doing some weird stuff, and I don’t know why, but she was powerless to resist. One day, she took a small stone-less ring off her hand. While crying, she told me that the ring was all she had kept from him. “It is time to let go” she said, she wrote a note, and asked me to go throw the note and ring at her ex’s front porch. “Anything to help you feel better” I told her. Read more