Henry dropped hevily on the couch and let out a big sigh. He couldn’t belive how tired he was. Since the curse was put on him he really didn’t have much break, being a mother is a hard task especially when you’re having twins. He should be more polite at the store and keep his mouth shut. Instead he yelled at the woman who couldn’t calm her crying baby. An old witch saw it and decided to teach him a lesson. She transformed Henry into a young woman named Heather. Then the witch casted another spell so Henry could expirience what every mother has to go through.
Nine months after the curse was put on him Henry, now Heather gave birth to twin girls. Now Heather is trying her best to take care of her girls. She finally gained respect for mothers but that won’t change anything. The spell was permament and she will stay as Heather for the rest of her life.


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