The Farmer’s Daughter

The more Randall thought about what happened, the funnier it got. Not just the waking up as a woman, but everything leading up to that moment. It was all so unbelievably cliché, so ridiculous, so impossible that no one would believe it. He’d been lost on a rainy night when his car broke down. The thought of that scenario set him to laughing harder. And then he saw the lonely farm house. Now he was crying from the laughter. And who opened the door? The beautiful farmers daughter, who else! Oh god! Who writes this stuff? Long story short, she invites him in. Into her arms and bed where he is happily having his way with her when in storms the farmer with a double barreled shotgun. Well that part wasn’t all that funny. Then the farmer starts yelling about worthless traveling salesmen and shotgun weddings and Randall passed out. When he came to, he could tell something was radically different. He was now in the body of the farmers daughter. Dark hair, long legs, big tits and all. He, or rather she, was all alone in the farm house. Just her and the farmers gun. She picked it up and that’s when the hilarity started, because the funniest part of all was that damned shotgun wasn’t even loaded!


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