Ticket to a new life

Gavin didn’t know how to feel about this situation. He had spend so much time looking for the magic gemstone, to escape from his terrible life. When he finnaly got it he hoped it will change his life to the one from his imagination. He didn’t expect that the stone choses a life by its own and gave him the life and body of a young woman. Gavin didn’t really want to be a woman but he knew it was obviously the only way out of his old life. And it didn’t end up bad for him. Gavin had everything he wanted. Caring parents, nice job and a fiance who just proposed. Gavin didn’t hate his life, it was just so diffirent, especially his body was hard to get used to, it was more delicate than his former body and he felt so short among other people.

Those thoughts followed him recently more often. When he got back from town with his mother after looking for a perfect wedding dress he wanted to tell her everything about his feelings, but she wouldn’t belive him anyway. In this reality he was always a girl named Caroline. His mother knew something is bothering her daughter, she wanted to talk about it but Gavin calmed her he’s just stressed out about the upcoming wedding with Brad. He wasn’t actually lying, the prospect of becoming a wife freaked him out. Of course he loved Brad and wanted to marry him but so many things were happening recently and Gavin didn’t knew if he will be able to handle it. Maybe after everything calms down he will be able to come to terms with this life. For now he must focus and try to not lose his mind.


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