When i return to home i cannot waited to see the picture i have took today. It was my first time in Japan and, beside my regular visit of Tokyo, have taken some picture of cute japanese girl. I really had a fetish for this kind of girl. Petite, with angel face, that what i loved. I was jerking on the picture when my attendant enter my room. It was an old woman and she was really not pleased to see me like this.
– So you are one of this pervert gaijin who come here to rape our girls.
– No! no! it’s not what you think!
– Don’t bother, i can read it in your mind. You like them, cute, young, and with angel face. Am i wrong? And you particulary like the fact that they can’t say no.
– Young man, i think you need a lesson.
She raise a hand i suddunly cannot move. Her finger began to move and i felt my body began to change, to shrink, becoming smoother and thiner. Long silky hair fall on my face and, after a sharp pain in my crotch, felt a void between my leg. The freezing stoped and i fell on my knees. Free of movement again, i could look of what i had become. A quick glimpse on a mirror nearby saw me a cute asian girl with too large clothes. But it didn’t last long because, with another move of finger. My clothes reshaped into a schoolgirl uniform at my new size. I could feel my new tits hold firmly by my bra.
– What have yo… i managed to say before i was interupted
– Shhh young girl, from now on you are under my watch. In order to learn you lesson you will have to live like this.
– But, i am a man, i have a life.
– It’s gone now, your other self doesn’t exist anymore. You are just Arisa now. But don’t think you are just a normal girl. You are what i call a perv-magnet. You will attract all the guy like you were, keeping them far of the other girls.
– What??
– Yes, and you will be nice to them and will never say no to them. You will understand what it’s like to be the fantasy of men. And if they go to far with you, you will bring them to me, so i can give them a lesson too.
– But i never touch a girl, i just too pictures, it’s nothing.
– That’s why, when i think you have learn your lesson, you will be free to go. But maybe i can turn you into a sow right now, like i will do to them.
– No please, don’t.
– That’s better young lady, now go to school. And be productive, with a cute face like yours, i expect result.


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