Threeway Swap

“Do you still think it was a good idea to fuck my wife behind my back?”, Jason asked rhetorically as he continued to ram his dick up that ass in front of him.

Jason knew for some time that his wife was cheating on him with some stupid well hung lawyer at her workplace. His revenge would be quite satisfying, at least for him. One day he followed her to the building she ‘worked’ in as a ‘secretary’. As they arrived there he took out his binoculars and watched the lawyers office through the big windows. After 5 minutes his wife came into the office and as expected they began undressing themselves. Exactly in the moment, as the man began to bend her down and fuck her from behind, Jason read out a spell for a three way swap.
Jason, now in the body of the lawyer, carried on with the hard fucking and pulling at the neck of the lawyer, now in the body of his wife, forcefully and hissed at him: “Now now you little shit, how does it feel to be the wife who is being fucked and cheating her husband?”
The lawyer, totally confused at what was going on, was overwhelmed at all the new signals his new body sent him. He could feel weights on his chest moving up and down with the rhytmic slapping of his now big ass against the hip of his tormenter, as he was held painfully at his delicate neck, trying to release the grasp with his dainty hands. Over all laid the overhelming pleasure which came from his new vagina as his former massive dick moved in and out rapidly.
After Jason was finished, he let him go in his new body. “Now you can fuck around with her all you want bitch. Or should I say being the one fucked? Anyway, enjoy your new life and have fun being the housewife with no education to mind about as you are now fired here, so make sure to keep your new husband happy.”


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