This wasn’t the plan.

Well I did it, I went all the way this time. Total womanhood…. no male part of me currently exists. This wasn’t what I planned. This wasn’t how I ever thought this would go.

You see, I was just your normal everyday average guy when I found out that I had an ability. I had the gift to change and alter parts of my own body.

At first I changed by accident, I was just shooting some hoops out in my yard when I wished I could be taller. I wished that I could be closer to 7 feet tall so I could dunk easier. This random wish came true – all of a sudden I saw things around me seem to shrink away as my vision went higher. I panicked a bit and quickly wished to be my normal height and lo and behold, I shrank back down. This was awesome!

After that fateful day, I experimented a bit changing all different little things about me. I altered my hair, my eyes, my weight. I gave myself muscles, I made myself fat. I done all kinds of things but soon I became a little bored and annoyed. I realised I couldn’t really change anything too much or else risk someone I knew noticing and becoming inquisitive.

However a few months later, again by accident really, my ability grabbed my attention.

I was having a usual morning jerk when I thought how much better it would be to have a woman doing it for me. I thought of how it would be nicer to feel her soft female hands grasping my rod.

I looked down to see my hands had changed into that what I’d been thinking! Painted nails and soft smooth hairless hands now were on the ends of my arms and holding onto my cock! The sight aroused me more than I could believe and I shot my load quickly after and wished my normal hands back.

For days afterwards, I repeated my experience, each time climaxing stronger than normal.

From then it escalated, I wanted to make things even better and hotter.

I started making further little changes to help my dirty mind along. I’d give myself feminine shapely legs. I’d extend the femininity of my hands so my arms would become dainty and softer too.

The allure of what I was doing started messing with my mind I swear. I ignored my previous misgivings about people noticing and started keeping some of my changes after I’d spilt my seed. I’d keep my feminine legs for example, telling myself that no-one would notice the difference with my jeans on.

I got so hot with doing all this that I struggled to not let my constant erections from showing.

But then a thought struck me. I was at work and I saw some of my beautiful sexy female colleagues and I thought about how they don’t have to worry about people noticing if they feel horny. They don’t have a cock to get rock hard and poke out of their groin for the world to see. They have a nice tight pussy which may get hotter and wetter as they get aroused, but is hardly as noticeable.

I looked down and saw the front of my trousers. Nothing protruded, nothing poked out, I’d inadvertently given myself a pussy!

I struggled like anything to finish the day and get home in one piece. Walking around felt so different with nothing in my shorts and the thought that I now possessed what my female colleagues had in their knickers aroused the hell out of me!

When I got home, I played with my new parts for hours. It felt so amazing, so awesome. My orgasms were at least ten times stronger than they ever had been with a cock!

Once again, my filthy mind convinced me to keep the changes. I’d go to work with a vagina just like the women in my office. I felt so flushed and aroused throughout my days and got myself off so hard when I got home.

And now we come to today. I’ve just come home and stripped off ready for another session when a different thought entered my head.

I thought about how much better my new pussy was than my old cock and how much fun it was to secretly have what women have. It was then I thought that the only major outward difference between me and them was their breasts.

I started thinking of how good they might feel, bouncing and jiggling away. How brilliant the feminine nipples must be, I’d recalled hearing some stories that some women were able to orgasm from their nipples alone.

And all at once, I knew what I must do. I must become a woman totally and utterly and see for myself.

Now here I lay, fully female, fully girled up. The sensations from my new boobs is so exquisite and my pussy is so wet right now. I just know in my heart and my head, I’m never changing out of this form. I’m a woman now and I’m always going to be!


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