Think Hard

“Relax dude, I’ll find it.” Fred said to Rob, who was understandably upset. Using the wishing coin, Fred played a practical joke that made Rob look, sound and act like Bibi Somers, a bimbo stripper who was notorious for her sexuality and stupidity. Rob was a good sport for a while, dealing with his squeaky voice and valley girl dialect, in addition to the skimpy lingerie he now wore, he handled it all in good fun. But when Rob wanted to be changed back, Fred found that he couldn’t find the coin.

“Like, you fucking better mister!” Fred squeaked, putting his hands on his hips. “I, like, can’t take this girly voice and this little thong riding up my cute ass!” He said, turnign to show Rob his ass, totally under the control of the wish.

“It was right here a minute ago!’ Fred said, searching the room.

“Hey, maybe we could take a teensy little break from looking for the thingy and maybe we could, like, fool around?” Rob suggested, rubbing his ass.

“What? No, Rob get ahold of yourself, that’s the coin talking! Focus and help me find it!”

“OMG, you’re, like, SO right! I have to, like, concen-uh, like think hard! Its just so hard when you’re, like, so cute!” Rob said, losing the battle against his bimboness. Within minutes, Fred would no longer be able to fend off Robs increasingly alluring advances. They would sleep together that night, and never find the wishing coin again.


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