Things we do for friends

“Would you keep your hands away from my butt” I snarled at James. “Don’t be like that. Remember you’re my girlfriend for tonight” James said and put his hand back on my rear. “Why did i agree to this” I thought trying to keep my balance in those high heels. “Just smile and keep it cool. I assure you look stuning today” James said and we went inside

Yesterday my friend asked me to acompany him in the big gala at his company. He had made a few good deeds for me and i felt obligated to pay him back. The problem was i was supposed to go there as his girlferiend. I had no idea how is he going to pull this off. Even if i wear a dress and make up i would look ridiculous. But James reassured me he had a plan and showed me a flask with some glowing, pink liquid. When i asked him what’s inside he said it’s a magic potion that will turn anyone into a beautiful woman. At first i laughed. A magic potion? Do i look like an idiot? But he was certain it will work so i took it from him and drank it to show him that such things are impossible. I was wrong. My body started to change and in a few seconds i became a gorgeous brunette.

At the event i was disgusted by the stares the guys were giving me. I felt like a pray among hunters ready to jump at me in any second. But i had to endure it. I was making this for my friend. Tomorrow the effect will wear off and everything will be back to normal.

After two hours i was becoming more confident in this body. Probably the alcohol helped me at some point but i was able to finally relax and have some fun. I even started to look at James in a diffirent way. Was he always so good looking?

In the middle of the event i felt perfectly normal, like i was a woman my whole life. I instinctively acted like a woman, i used the girl’s restroom like it was completely natural for me and James was looking more and more handsome. O loved to dance with him and the kiss i gave him was long and passionate.

After the event i went with James to his apartaments. I asked him for something to drink so he went to the kitchen. I used this ocassion to make a little surprise for him and took my dress off. When he came back he almost dropped the wine when he saw me on his couch. He put the wine away and started to fondle my breats. It felt so amazing i couldn’t stop moaning. “I’m yours. Take me like no man did before” I whispered in his ear ready for his manhood. It didn’t take long, James took off my panties and we had long and passionate sex.

The next morning i woke up full of energy. I rolled over and looked at James who was still sleeping. I smiled and gave im a kiss on the cheek. I’m so happy i have a boyfriend like him.


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