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Birthday (@Skxawng)

As Skxawng got home from a long day, he found a small giftwrapped box in his living room. It was his birthday, so it didn’t seem out of place. He ripped it open and found a note inside: “I hope you enjoy your birthday gift. There are no rules nor limits, and you are bound only by your imagination. Have fun, love Kimkat”. Read more

My other mind

Michael was in love with his college friend Lucy.
He had been a year trying to be his best friend so as to be in the future his boyfriend.
Lucy was a beautiful woman and enjoyed being with people with lots of money, so she never noticed Michael.
One day, while Michael was accompanying Lucy to his bedroom, a light mysteriously caused a part of Michael’s mind to be transferred to Lucy’s body.
At first Lucy was controlling her body, bathed and went to sleep. At that moment Michael was able to take control of Lucy’s body and enjoy close to her beautiful body.

The life

Sam was my best helper, but he had a dream, he wish to past a little more time with his son and daughter , for that reason I sprayed my formula of body change to he and his wife for to change roles.
Now, he is very happy and play with her son and love to talk about boys with her daughter.
But she loves now the night when she can to show to her husband the lingerie what always wish to see when she was man.

Things forgotten, things remembered

Joe shuddered and felt himself squirm as he came, bent over while the guy continued to pound him sending wave after wave of pleasure through him. That Joe had ended up here, getting fucked in the laundromat late at night was hardly a surprise. When Joe had found that magic tattoo shop, he’d given most of the money he had to be transformed into a woman. He’d always been curious, and even knowing it was probably a one way trip hadn’t been enough to deter him. He revelled in it, being a woman, feeling his tits bounce and his pussy full. Read more