My body now

Celine Matheson, the girl that ruined my life. For over twenty years I had been a perfectly respectable professor at the university. Hell I was one of the few professors who actually taught their classes instead of making a TA do it. I truly enjoyed teaching, and life was good. That is, until she enrolled in my freshman music theory class. She rarely showed up, and when she did, she was so disruptive I had to ask her to leave on several occasions. She didn’t care though. She was their on mommy and daddy’s money and couldn’t be bothered with putting effort into her studies. When the end of term came, she was furious that I had “dared” fail her and swore that I would regret it, and for a long time I did regret it.
She went to the police and the school and told them I had taken advantage of her. Trading sexual favors in exchange for a promise of a passing grade. My protests, I found, fell on deaf ears. It seemed that everyone had already decided my guilt. Even my wife of forty years believed I was guilty and filed for divorce. Looking back I’m sure you would see the incredible effect money has on the perceived truth. Ultimately, there was not enough evidence to charge me, but the damage was done. My reputation was in shambles and as such was let go from my position at the university. The trust between me and my wife no longer existed. I didn’t even fight her leaving me. I was defeated.
It seemed like fate that brought the book to me, or maybe it brought me to the book. It was badly damaged and only a small portion of its contents were still readable. Still, it opened my eyes to a world I never believed to exist. Magic. Most of the spells in the book were inconsequential, though some definitely had their uses. After scouring the book page by page, I found a spell that would allow me to get my revenge, though not in a way I ever would have imagined.
I have to admit I felt a bit like a creeper tracking her down, but this was revenge. I found out where she lived and staked it out. It didn’t take long for her to come out. She started down the sidewalk heading my way. As she approached, we made eye contact, and I froze like a deer in the headlights. all of a sudden I was fumbling with what to do. It took her a moment to recognize me. After all it was two years, and I looked much more disheveled than I did back then. A look of realization came across her face, and she grinned evilly. She felt no remorse for what she did to me, and that snapped me back into action. I walked towards her and cast the spell as soon as she was close enough. I immediately found myself walking past my own body which had stumbled a bit before staring at me with wide-eyed confusion. I didn’t stop, noticing my old body follow me with its eyes. I couldn’t contain my joy as I turned and waved goodbye. This was my body now.


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