“Thick” Part 3

“What the heck? Is that really my ass?!” Jolene shouted, looking into the mirror after having just woken up. Her pajama pants were stretched out over her wide thighs, and no longer covered up her large cheeks. “It’s a miracle my panties can handle this!” She got out of bed and walked over to the bathroom, her huge ass swaying dramatically with each step. Her panties started to tear.
“Ooh, gosh, I don’t remember this shirt being so tight,” suddenly, as son as she made it to the bathroom door, her panties tore loudly, followed by a popping from her shirt buttons. Her tits had become too much for them.
“I have to call Cheryl! This must be her doing!” Jolene said furiously, storming back to her room and the phone, her body shaking with each pounding footstep.


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