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“This is your fault?” Jeremy said incredulously to his (now her) girlfriend. “Why did you turn me into some fat chick?!” Read more

Fix That

What was that drink you gave me?” I asked my girlfriend as I started to feel dizzy, my face flushed as heat flowed through my whole body.
Well, you see, I really like you, personality-wise. But body-wise…well not so much. So that drink is going to fix that,” she said before she winked at me, and I finally blacked out. Read more

The Rumors are True

“So the rumors are true,” I said to myself, clutching my soaking wet shirt to my newly formed breasts. Everybody around town had heard about the waters in this part of the river. That they had transformative properties. Of course, I didn’t believe them. “But I sure do now,” I said as I looked over my new body, turning to get a good view of my backside.
And what a backside it was! I don’t know how the magical waters decided how my body was going to look, but I had a booty that would’ve had my former body salivating at the thought of seeing it up close like this. And my thighs had filled out perfectly too, giving me massively sexy curves.
Which was great and all, at least I turned out sexy, but that didn’t solve the problem that I was now naked (I have no idea how my swim shorts were able to fall off an ass like mine, but the fact of the matter was they had), with nothing my my shirt, which was now see-through, and my car with my extra clothes was across the street. “Maybe I can wait until nightfall,” I thought aloud. “When it gets dark I can sneak back across the street, and nobody would see me.” It wasn’t a great plan, but it was all I had. So staying in the shade of the trees on the bank, I slid deeper into the water, trying not to make a sound as the cold water sent chills over my nude body.
I definitely believe the rumors now.

Will’s Punishment

Will and his girlfriend, Katie, had been together for a long time when they broke up. Katie was furious when sh found out that Will had already moved on to another woman, so that day she went to her friend to plot revenge on Will. Her friend was a witch and knew exactly what to do to punish Will. The next morning Will wakes up as he usually does, but notices he has put on some weight recently. He decides that he will workout later that day, and instead gets ready for work. As Will is walking down the street he notices how he appears to be shorter than usual. He casts it aside as his brain messing with him. When he arrived at work his hair had lengthened a lot compared to when he woke up. Will was starting to get weak and tired, so he told his boss he was going to be leaving early. As Will was walking home again he couldn’t help but notice there was more of a jiggle in his but as he walked along the street. Will rushed into his apartment and tore off his clothes. He had put on much more weight and his pecs were now puffy, while his penis was erect , but noticicbly shorter. At that moment he passed out from dizziness. When Will came to he found he had a text from his ex, Katie, it read, “Send pic.” So Will obliged and went to his full size mirror but when he looked up he was in for a surprise as he know had long dark hair, boobs, and a pussy. He no she’ was a girl. She snapped the photo and sent it to Katie, who was pleased with the outcome. While Will was freaking out from the sudden change from a tall, lanky man to a short, chubby woman.

My Girlfriend is a Kinky Witch!

“We need to talk, be at your place in 30”, that was the last message I received from my girlfriend of 3 years about half an hour ago. I was nervous, I loved her deeply and was hoping we would get married someday but here I am with sweaty palms worried about a potential breakup. I know she had been saying that she wants to get kinkier in the sack but I didn’t think it had come to “we need to talk”. Suddenly, I hear knocking at the door, it must be her, time to face any potential music and I go to open the door. Read more

Mom’s Underwear

My parents were away for the weekend, and the only thing they had asked me to do before they left was fold the laundry when it was done. So when the dryer stopped I went downstairs to open it up, and found…
Mom’s underwear! “Great,” I thought. “Just what I wanted to do, fold Mom’s underwear…” I grumbled as I started folding the clothes. After the fifth or sixth pair I started to realize how soft they were. Much softer than my boxers, and I’m sure they were much more comfortable. I got to a noticeably modest looking pair and shrugged, why not? I took off my pants and slipped off my boxers before sliding the panties up onto my body.
I was right! They were so much softer than my own underwear! They were clearly too big for me, but the elastic still held them around my body well enough. I put my pants back on, and continued folding.
I left the panties on throughout the rest of the day, as they were much more comfortable. When it came time to go to bed, I still kept them on, but put on the rest of my own pajamas, and laid down in my bed to go to sleep. Read more

Does My Belly Look Big?

“Does this top make my belly look big?” my girlfriend asked me as I woke up one morning. I groaned and rubbed the sleep from my eyes, and without thinking said: “Well, sweetie, you have been gaining some weight lately and-” I didn’t even finish my sentence before she was freaking out at me.
“Some weight? What, do you think there’s somthing wrong with a girl who has a bit of a tummy?! It’s just a little belly! It’s not like I have some big pot belly! Maybe YOU should see how it feels to be called the ‘fat chick’!” Her hands started to glow as I stood up, saying, “Nobody calls you the ‘fat chick’. Heck, this is the first time I’ve heard anybody say that about you! Now just calm down-” Once again I was cut off, but this time it was by the light that left her hands and passed over my body. “What did you do?” I moaned, feeling changes course over my body. I stepped awkwardly towards her, my body beginning to wobble in places it never had before. I looked down and saw two breasts forming on my chest, slowly rising from buds up through several cup sizes. Once they had reached about C-cups I noticed just below them my belly was pudging out. It went from chubby, to thick, to a full-on pot belly before my very eyes. Beyond even that I saw my thighs shaking more and more with every hard step, and I could feel my new ass following suit. I reached down past my belly to where my dick should be, but felt only the folds of my new vagina.
The transformation stopped as I reached my girlfriend, standing cockily over me, as I had lost almost a foot of height. “How do you like it, fatty?”
“I didn’t even call you fat!” I shouted at her. “I just said you had gained a little weight!”
“Okay fine, but now we both have, isn’t that great?!” she squealed, wrapping her arms tightly around me in a big bear hug. I could feel my new bare breasts and belly squish into her body, a sensation that felt alien, yet somehow erotic.
“How’s about I just…” she pulled my pants down and let them drop to my ankles. “There, that’s better. And now…” she dropped her own pants, and her panties followed suit. She pulled her top off, and threw it to the side before removing her bra. Her C-cup breasts spilled out, hanging heavily just over her slightly chubby belly. It was honestly hardly noticeable, but somehow that justified my new tummy. She led me back to the bed, and I trudged after her, feeling my new body jiggle in ways I never would have wanted it to. She laid me down, and started to rub my belly with one hand, while massaging one of my DD-cup tits with the other. “I had intended to curse and leave you,” she said lustily. “But now that I see you like this, I want every inch of your thick body to myself…” Read more

Commenting About Thick Girls

Warren was drunk one night and was on YouTube, and stumbled upon a video of a thicker girl, Kara, saying she was all natural and proud of it, happy the way she was. Read more

“Thick” Epilogue 4

Jolene sat on the couch naked, watching Cheryl strip in front of her. She finally unhooked her black bra, and held it limply at her side, giving her girlfriend a coy look before walking over to her, pulling her panties down over her swaying hips as she did so. Jolene was mesmerized, though not by her girlfriend’s exposed boobs. No, her eye was drawn to her stomach, and the slight jiggle it had.
All of that faded however, as Cheryl grabbed one of Jolene’s massive tits and pressed her hand into it as their lips made contact…

Enhanced Milk Part 3

“Is it milk time yet, mistress?” Janine said, on her hands and knees on the kitchen floor. It had taken six months for Ellis to turn her into an obedient milk-cow, but she had finally done it.
“Hmm, I think it is,” Ellis said, her J-cup tits bouncing in her tight bra as she walked over to Janine, the milking machine in her hands. “We have to keep the supply up, after all!” She had finally decided to sell Janine’s milk, and it had been quite the successful venture. Tons of girls of all sizes came and bought it by the gallons. They didn’t know where it came from, and Ellis was pretty sure they didn’t care. And Janine was too obedient to tell anybody.
Ellis hooked up the pump to Janine’s nipples, and the cow let out a soft moan as the milk was pulled from her heavy full breasts. Ellis no longer cared about the woman kneeling on the floor, who used to be her boyfriend. No, now she only cared about the milk she produced, and the money it would make her. She stroked her cow’s long hair, and watched as her udders deflated.