They grow up so fast

Little Tommy scuffled around the stuff in the closet, he was clearly in search for something special.
“AHA!”. He lifted out a well hidden sealex box from underneath lots of stuff that was heavy. His mom and dad must have thought that he would never find it there, but he had seen them when they tried hid it away.
Mom and dad sometimes used the thing that was in the box when they were having `grown up time`. He might be a kid but he understood what they meant by that.
Opening the lid he pulled out its leathery contents.
The bodysuit resembled a young blonde girl at about twenty years old, which would mean eight years older than himself. He had been curious ever since he had seen it the first time in the mail. His curiosity grew even more when the new babysitter looked exactly like the girl in the package.
Peeking through the keyhole he had also seen his dad doing grown up stuff with a girl looking like the babysitter. Later on he had even seen his dad put on the skin and shrink so he became much smaller.
Tommy had figured out that it was mom or dad underneath the skin of the girl. And if his dad that was fairly big could fit inside, why shouldn´t himself that was smaller fit?

Putting on the suit was the easy part, he wasn´t especially big, zipping it all the way up was harder. But he succeeded in the end. The mask was in place and he waited for the changes to happen.
It was like when you fill up a sumo suit with air, but instead of a big plastic wrestler you fill up a beutiful blonde girl. The excess parts of the arms, legs and body filled up. Tommy noticed how he suddenly was much taller with longer legs.
All of him felt bigger. Longer legs. Longer arms. Bigger butt. Squishy breasts. Longer hair. The list went on.

She could hardly believe it. She was a grown up now.
This was so cool!


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