Ring and Necklace

“NNngghhh… ohhh…” Chris moaned as a by now familiar pleasurable tingle swept over his chest, followed by the sensation that his shirt was tighter. “Again?” He asked and smiled.

“You always said you loved big boobs.” Greg replied.

“Yeah, but these are-”

“Amazing?” Greg asked.

“Absurd.” Chris said and looked at himself in the mirror. They’d been big before, but now… “And also amazing.” Chris said and smiled. “Are they even real?”

“Of course. That magic necklace and this magic ring can do wonders.” Greg said and stared at the tit’s he’d made his friend grow. “Dude, you’ve got to let me fuck you. Or at least jerk off on to your tits. You owe me that much.”

“Just because I bought a gender swapping necklace at that magic shop doesn’t mean I’m a slut.” Chris said with a straight face. He held it for as long as he could before smiling again, “I mean I am, but it doesn’t necessarily imply that. Come on, I’ve been horny since before you made these things big with your purchase, and now you’ve made them huge. Just promise me that if you cum before me you’ll make my tits bigger until you’re hard again.”

Greg’s jaw dropped, wondering if his friend was still being sarcastic. “Deal.”

Turns out he wasn’t. By the time Chris finally came his tits were the size of the sofa. Neither of them had ever been more satisfied with a purchase.


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