Toy Gun

“Dude! We got a package!”. Larry signed the form and recieved the package from the delivery guy.

“Who´s it from?”, Mike yelled back from the living room.

“Doesn´t say!”
Larry went into the living room with the package and plunked it down on the table in front of Mike.
“Open it. I`ll got take a shit in the mean time”.
“TMI, Larry! TMI!”

“What is it?” Larry zipped up his trousers and went to check in on Mike and their package.

“Some lame ass toy gun. I found out that it needed batteries, but that´s fixed now”.
Mike aimed the gun at Larry; “Pew Pew”, and pulled the trigger.

Within the blink of an eye Larry was gone and a sexy broad in a bunny suit was standing there instead.
“Oh shit”, Mike exclaimed, half horny, half scared.
“Dude, Larry, is that you?”

“Err, kinda”, the sexy babe named Larry said and looked down on her body. She traced her curves seductively and found them pleasing.
“Whooaaaa. You are hot!” Mike walked up to her, grabbing her closer to him and gave her a wet kiss on the mouth.
The sudden knee to his groin caught him off guard and made him double over in pain. The girl named Larry quickly got hold of the toy gun and pointed it at Mike.
Mike noticed the change of power with the barrel of the gun pointing straight at him. “uh, sorry?”
“A man never kisses a woman without her permission, creep!”, she said and pulled the trigger.

The second bunny girl was happy about her body as her hourglass figure was amazing.
Her tastes had changed from her former body, she was definately bi now. And she knew that Lorraine was too.
Michelle was still very much the same person Mike had been, but with the twist of being a hot girl and liking it. The femininity kinda seeped into their persona.
Lorraine toyed with the gun, weighining it in her hand. “You know, Chris down the hall is home alone right now. What do you say about seducing him, letting him take us to bed and then BAM! Hit him with the ray”.
Michelle grinned. It sounded like a great prank. It was the ultimate blueball. She said: “Sure!”, with an happy grin.


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