The Visit (2)

Dad- “Okay… Mandy… I know I haven’t texted or called for a couple days, but I’ve just been trying to wrap my mind around all of this…” T-T

Mandy- “Oh, it’s okay, daddy. We cried too at first. It’s a lot to get used to. We’re still your little boys… sort of.” ; )

Dad- “I know, I know. Your mother has been helping me realize that this could be for the best. Anyway, I’ll order you girls some bras. What sizes do you need?”

Mandy- “Thx, daddy! : ) Well, grandma measured us, and I’m a 34DD. Mine are the smallest though… I’ll go ask Tammy what her size is again…”

Dad- “Wait, your the smallest?! Oh, lord.”

Mandy- “Yeah, Tammy says she’s a 36H. I attached a video of her trying on some stuff…”

Dad- “…T-T…”

Mandy- “Oh, don’t be sad, daddy! She loves her boobies!”

Dad- “How is she supposed to run track like THAT?! She was headed for a scholarship! DX”

Mandy- “Well, she’ll probably need some really big sports bras… Lol…” ; )

Dad- “Please tell me that Tammy is the biggest…”

Mandy- “Ummmmmm….” ^^;


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