What Is Going On???

I was walking down the street one day, minding my own business and bumped into this beautiful blonde . She was built like a goddess and had the face to match. We both apologized and went our own ways. Later on, all I could do was think about her. How she looked, her smell ,how she felt … I couldn’t get her out of my mind… I decided to see if I could take a nap and see if that would help. As I slept, I dreamed that I was her , standing at the window gazing out into the yard…I was naked except for a pair of panties. Everything felt real….but this is a dream….I reached down with my manicured fingers and rubbed my slit….Ooooooh that feels so….this is a dream, right? I could feel myself getting aroused and wet…As I opened my eyes I could tell this wasn’t a dream…I am her….What is going on?


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