Portrait of Sam Grey

Sam took a wrong turn and in the middle of the woods. His car stopped suddenly and a storm appeared out of nowhere. Sam had no signal on his phone but he saw a house ahead so he ran for the door.

Reaching the door of the manor Sam was just glad to be out of the rain. He looked for a doorbell but there was none. The two large doors had old fashioned door knockers in the shape of lion heads. He banged one against the door as hard as he could. No one came but it seemed if the door was open. He pushed hard and half fell into the house. It was dark except for the flashes of lighting outside. He searched for a light switch but when he found it the lights didn’t turn on. Frustrated Sam searched the room as best he could for some kind of light source and found a candelabra and matches as well. He lit the candles and started searching the house.

It was very quiet and a heavy coat of dust was on every surface. It was clear this house had been abandoned for awhile. He couldn’t find a phone. As Sam searched to house he found a large painting in every room. They all depicted men from various eras of time. The only thing that made them seem out of the ordinary was the eyes. The eyes of each man seem to portray terror. It was a silent scream.

That was until he came to the last room on the top floor. This room was very modern looking and belonged to a young woman from the looks of it. The lights worked in this room for some reason. Sam called out but still no one answered. The room was dominated by a white four post bed. There were two dressers white with gold trim and a vanity with a mirror. There was a painting in this room too. This one did not depict a man though. It was a portrait was a beautiful young woman. Probably the woman who owned this room.

Sam starred at the picture for a long time, he couldn’t look away the woman was so incredibly gorgeous. She had long blond hair and piercing green eyes. They penetrated his soul. Suddenly Sam’s gaze broke and he felt wonderful. He stripped his wet clothes off and went into the bathroom and ran a bath. He filled the tub with bubble bath and slipped in. It was so warm and relaxing in the tub.

When he got out he dried his body noting his skin was silky smooth and his long blonde hair hung wetly down his back. He finished drying noting his cock seems so much bigger without hair to obscure it. He felt better than he had in years and almost glided back into the bedroom.

Sam sat down at the vanity and started to test the perfumes. Finding one he liked he dabbed it on his wrists and his neck. He then cut and styled his finger nails then painted them along with his toenails. Now for his face. He still had a his manly looks but he put makeup on it despite that. He was adept at painting his face even if he didn’t know why. When he was done he looked like a very well made up drag queen. He was still a man just now with makeup and nail polish. Moving over to the draws he found and cute bra and pantie set and put those on. He then got into bed and fell fast asleep.

When Sam woke up she stretched her long legs and arms. She felt glorious after a good nights sleep. The sun shone brightly through the window. She got out of bed and stripped off her underwear and made her way to the bathroom. As she passed and portrait of Samuel she smiled and blew him a kiss. She loved the terror in his eyes. It was so incredible how the artist had captured him at the perfect moment.

Samantha used the toilet and took another bubble bath and then got ready for the day. She made sure her makeup was perfect and then got dressed. She had to wear the perfect outfit. Her man was coming today and daddy would be mad if she didn’t look her best. As she rolled the stockings up her legs and attached the garter belt to them she felt so girly. She loved being a girl and being able to wear pretty dresses and high heels that showed off her perfect ass. As she put her panties on she couldn’t help but finger her pussy. She was so horny and couldn’t wait to meet her soon to be husband. She left a wet patch on her panties but kept them on to remind her. Once she had her bra on the door suddenly burst open and her sister Victoria came bounding through the door. “Sam, you’re not ready yet?” She said looking at her half naked sister. Victoria went to Samantha’s closet and picked out the perfect dress and shoes and helped Sam finish getting ready. Victoria left the room and Sam looked at the picture on her wall one last time. “Thank you Sam, because of you I will have a wonderful life.”


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