The TransSerum

In the future, society has changed greatly. All historians credit the largest change to 2 main events. First off, the percentage of those who aren’t straight has skyrocketed to more than half the population. This presents a huge issue in terms of population. The number of babies born has began to drop. Secondly, the death penalty has been abolished in the U.S. With hate crimes rising, and no death penalty, prisons are growing and the U.S. is spending billions of dollars in tax money to maintain this. These factors combined have pushed politicians and scientists to think outside the box to fix the issues. One scientist was genius enough to be able to solve both problems with one invention. It has been named the TransSerum. The TransSerum does several things in order to best resolve the situation. Most famously, it changes gender. This feature comes with all TransSerums. The standard issue TransSerum also comes with an increased libido, increased fertility, and mental influence is granted to the person who administered the TransSerum. It comes in many forms, as it can be ingested, injected, or inhaled. The creator, Dr. Jackson, was given free use of his invention as well as the first “turning.” Turning describes the process to lock the TransSerum’s effects as it is not perfect. The TransSerum is temporary for 7 2 hours, unless the “turned” experiences an orgasm to lock the gender change, and sperm to jumpstart the fertility and libido. After contact with sperm, the turned becomes fertile and horny after 12 hours. Mental adjustments are verbal and can be changed constantly. Dr. Jackson has designed the TransSerum to be modifiable, depending on the situation. Here we see the first criminal being turned into a breeder, by Dr. Jackson. Here we see him enjoying his creation in whatever way he pleases as he asserts his dominance. She can try and resist, but her new body is still weak from the change and Dr. Jackson has commanded her to slowly start loving it.


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