First night nerves.

It was Matt’s first night out on the street in the body of a Las Vegas prostitute who stole his body leaving him trapped and stranded in her life with her demanding pimp / boyfriend making him turn tricks.

He was not looking forward to his first client as he stood there in a skin tight silver dress with a handbag full of wet wipes, condoms and lubricant on the street corner opposite the cheap motel he woke up in just 24 hours ago.

He thought about running away but he knew his pimp would just track him down so he had little choice in the matter when a man pulled over and asked him how much.

Matt just looked the man in the eyes trying to look confident and said $30 for a hand job $50 for a blowjob and $140 for a quick shag and was surprised when the man said how much for anal which was something he had not considered.

He could just about get his head around the idea of a hand job or a blowjob or even a quick shag but anal was something he had not considered.

But if he didn’t make some money his pimp was going to be pissed and he was very frightened of him so he just said $250 and was surprised when the man did not bat an eyelid and said okay.

Matt pointed out the motel behind him and said my room or your back seat?


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