What would you do?

“What would you do if I won the lottery?” I asked my wife. She quickly said, “travel around the world”. “Well, guess what? We won! we won 10 million dollars”. We were both so happy. She didn’t even believe it. We went straight to bed, we were just so horny.

Afterwards, “well, what else do you want?” I asked her. “Well, to tell you the truth, I want a daughter” she said. She knew we couldn’t get pregnant, I had a small sperm count. “We could adopt” I said. “No, I already have a solution.” She then got something out of her purse and pinched me right in my chest with it. “Amy? what the?” I said. I started to swell, my chest looked like a single breast. My chest hair started to fall down “what did you do?” I said while noticing a second breast had already developed. I felt my waist shrink. I felt my equipment get small, I tried to grab it, but It just went inside of me. “Amy? please stop” I said, noticing my voice pitch was higher.

I tried to stand up, but quickly fell to the floor, I noticed my hands and legs were all feminine. “It is almost over sweetheart” my wife said. I then felt an urge to throw up. I got up, and ran to the bathroom, I must have been there for hours. I finally felt a little better. I was completely naked. As I openned the bathroom door, I noticed there was a red bra and panties just outside. I grabbed them and put them on. “I hope my mom doesn’t know how hungover I am” I said. I walked back into the bathroom and washed my face.

It sucks that my dad passed away before I was borned. But at least he did leave us a big inheritance so my mom and I don’t have to worry about anything.


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