The Teacher

Eric heard a car door slam out on the street. He gulped. Today was the day his High School teacher would pay their house a visit just to test him, discuss and then inform him if he wether or not will have to repeat a year. It would suck major ass if he would have to.

*Ding dong*

He was home alone, thankfully. Mom and dad had to make an emergency trip for the weekend. But that only meant he had to greet Ms Chan all alone.
The pulse was beating harder than usual when he opened the door. There she was. His teacher.
“Uhm. Ms Chan. Come right in”, he stammered. She was definately the hottest teacher in school, which made it even harder to focus. She was an hardass though, constantly pushing students to perform better.
“Mr Owen”, she reciprocated with an stern look and entered the house.

The pair sat down at the dining table and Ms Chan opened her portfolio and spread out a large amount of papers.
“Uh, that looks like way more tests than you told me about earlier”, Eric said worriedly.
Ms Chen gave him a look where she tilted her head forward and looked over her glasses at him. “A test wont be necessesary, young man”.
“It´s not? Whew. That´s a relief”. His face dropped the worried look in a split second.
“Because you have failed and need to repeat a year in High School”, she suddenly exclaimed and gave him the trademarked stern look she had.
All blood disappeared from Eric´s face from the sudden shock”. Wh-what? I´m failed? You can´t do that! I have the right to take the tests! I´ve studied hard for this”.

Her face suddenly started to crack up. “That would be a first”, she said and then erupted into a roaring laughter.
Dumbfounded at first Eric started to put the pieces together. “Adam? Is that you? I know it is you!”
Ms Chen´s body was still giggling violently but she nodded her head.
“You fucker! You scared the crap out of me!”, Eric scolded Adam in Ms Chen´s body.
“And so fucking worth it!”, Adam said, grinning wide with Samantha Chen´s face.
“So the spell worked?”, Eric caught himself of asking how stupid that sounded. “Of course it did…”
“Worked like a charm”, the smiling face of Ms Chen informed him. “Your´e welcome by the way”, giving a hint towards the tests.
“Thanks dude. Can you fix so I don´t have to take them and still pass?”, Eric asked.
“Sure, I´ll tweak her memories later on before leaving, and let you pass with flying colors”.
“Dude, you can´t imagine the size of the stone that just fell from my chest”, Eric was more relieved than ever before.

“How´s it in there?”, Eric asked and pointed at Ms Chen´s body.
Contemplating the answer Adam finally said: “Fluffy”.
“Her body is so soft and cozy, despite her stone cold appearance. You know we have talked about doing Ms Chen? Well, her body feels so good that I´ve gotten curious what it feels like”.
Eric just stared at Adam. “Do you mean….?”
“Yup buddy. Today is your lucky day”.

Eric would never forget the evening when he saw the naked body of Samantha for the very first time, the first woman that got herself naked in his presence.
His dick was rock hard and with a decent amount of training he managed to make the body of Samantha Chen scream out in ecstasy more than once.
The lessons in her classroom the next term would never be the same again.


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